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Valentine’s Day Freebie – Kick & Evie


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I asked my readers in my Facebook group to help me decide which Sydney Storm MC couple to write a bonus Valentine's scene about, and also asked them to tell me the hottest place they've had sex. They chose Kick & Evie from Relent, and I chose one of the locations that a reader (hi Avelyn!) had listed as her hottest location. I hope you love this!! I really loved being back with Kick & Evie!

Note: this scene takes place almost a year after they had their baby daughter, Elizabeth.


Evie's POV

Kick was pissed off and coming towards me with an expression on his face that let me know it. The fact I’d dragged him from a job King had told him had to be done today really didn’t help, but in my defence, the job I’d asked him to come and do for my friend was important, too.

He made it to where I stood and looked around at our surroundings before meeting my gaze again. “You wanna tell me what the fuck I’m doing in a church? And why I had to come do this right fuckin’ now?”

Yep, he was pissed.

I placed my hand on his chest in an effort to quiet his irritation. “Avelyn needs your help.”

He glanced down at his chest. “It’s not gonna work, Evie.”

I played dumb. “What’s not gonna work?”

Removing my hand from his body, he said, “Trying to calm me down by touching me. I was in the middle of shit that has to be done today, which means your Valentine’s plans for tonight are now fucked up. There’s no fuckin’ way King’s gonna let today pass by without that shit handled.”

“What time do you think you’ll be home now?” Surely whatever it was wouldn’t take all night.

“I doubt it’ll be before eight. You’ll be almost passed out by then.”

He was right. I barely made it to nine p.m. these days. I wasn’t sure how any mother stayed up late. Our one year old stole all my energy, not leaving much for my husband.

“I’m sorry, Kick,” I said softly, disappointed that I’d ruined our plans for tonight, “but I knew you could help Avelyn with this situation. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

His eyes remained glued to mine, a storm of emotions passing through them before finally he raked his fingers through his hair and exhaled a frustrated breath. “Fuck, Evie, you don’t have to make it up to me, but we do need to reschedule our Valentine’s plans.”

I frowned. “I thought Kick Hanson didn’t do Valentine’s Day. Why do you want to reschedule?”

He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me close. “I couldn’t give a fuck about Valentine’s Day. What I do give a fuck about, though, is spending time with my wife, and lately I haven’t been getting that time. So yeah, our plans for tonight need to be moved to tomorrow night if we can swing a babysitter.”

My heart swelled with love for the man standing in front of me. The last year had been hard on our marriage. I imagined the first year of your first child would be hard on a lot of marriages. Add to that the stress Kick’s club had been under for a lot of that year and the fact I’d struggled with adapting to being a stay-at-home mum, and we’d taken a hit. But through it all, Kick had never once let me down. He’d stood by my side the entire time and fought for us.

Gripping the back of his neck, I angled his head so I could kiss him and then said, “I love you.”

His gaze found mine again and he groaned as he looked down at me. “Fuck, baby, you kiss me when I haven’t had you for three days, and you think I can control myself? In a fuckin’ church of all places.”

I bit my lip, trying not to grin. I’d never grow tired of the way Kick wanted me. Catching sight of Avelyn walking towards us, I said, “You’re going to have to. We have company.” I pressed my hands against his chest so I could push him away from me. “And, you’ve got work to do.”

Heat flared in his eyes. “I don’t give a fuck if you’re asleep tonight when I get home—expect to be woken up.”

Growly Kick was my favourite, and I squeezed my legs together at his promise. The thing he didn’t realise was that he could wake me any night and I wouldn’t complain. I just never told him that because I also desperately wanted my sleep.

“Hey you two,” Avelyn greeted us with a smile before shifting her attention to Kick. “Thank you for coming. I truly appreciate it.”

Avelyn’s husband was the church pastor and was away at the moment. That was why I’d called Kick. A bad storm last night had caused some roof damage I was fairly sure he could fix.

Kick nodded at her. “No worries.”

I knew Avelyn through my mother who had started attending the church six months ago, but Kick had never had much to do with her. I wasn’t a churchgoer, but I’d gotten to know her after Mum had dragged me along to a morning tea. Avelyn and I had hit it off straight away, and she and I began a friendship I now treasured.

She pointed up at the left-hand side of the building. “Most of the damage is on that part of the roof—” Her phone rang, interrupting her, and after glancing at it, she said, “I’m sorry, I have to take this.”

“Absolutely,” I said, ignoring the frustration flashing in Kick’s eyes.

“Thanks. I’ll be as fast as I can, but it might not be a quick call.” She hurried out of the church, leaving us alone again.

“I’m gonna grab the ladder from my truck and take a look at the damage,” Kick said as he turned to leave.

I reached for his hand and stopped him. “Thank you for doing this.”

I wasn’t sure if it was what I said or the way I said it, but Kick liked it. I knew this because of the way he turned right back around and closed the distance between us so fast he almost knocked me over. His arm slid around me, holding me up, and his mouth smashed down on mine. He kissed me like he couldn’t get enough of me, and when he finally came up for air, he growled, “I can’t wait until tonight. My dick is so fuckin’ hard for you.”

As his hands moved to the hem of my dress, I said, “You can’t fuck me in a church, Kick.”

“Watch me, Evie. I don’t give a flying fuck where we are or whether God, Jesus or the whole fuckin’ congregation is in attendance. If I wanna fuck my woman, no one is stopping me.” With that, he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh and slid a finger into my panties.

Three days without Kick was like three days without air. In the busyness of life, I often forgot that. I was so consumed with all things Elizabeth, housework, cooking, laundry and everything else that passed by in a blur, that I forgot I needed Kick to survive. His touch always centred me and brought me back to what was important. And that sure as hell wasn’t making sure the house was spotless.

Arching my neck back, I closed my eyes, gripped his biceps and succumbed to the pleasure he gave me. When his thumb circled my clit, I murmured, “I’m going to hell for this.”

His lips pressed kisses into my neck while he continued to fuck me with his fingers. “You want me to fuck you on the pew or up there on the altar?” His voice dropped to a low sexy gravel as he said, “Forget that question. I’ve already decided.”

I opened my eyes, taking in the stained-glass windows surrounding us, and the rich, dark wood ceiling that brought back memories of Sunday school and the bible I used to love reading as a child.

My senses were overwhelmed not only by the thought of having sex in a church, but also by Kick’s scent and touch. With every stroke of his finger and every kiss of his lips, I fell completely under his spell. For all I cared, he could rip the cross off the wall and fuck me on that.

I really was going to hell.

Moving my hands from his biceps up over his shoulders to his neck, I took hold of his face to bring his mouth down to mine. We lost ourselves in a kiss that made my knees weak. I clung to Kick, hooking one leg around him while he brought me to orgasm.

It shattered through me, and as I cried out his name, Kick dragged his lips from mine to rasp, “Definitely to hell, baby.”

With that, he scooped me up into his arms and walked me to the alter railing. Depositing me on the ground, he ordered, “Grip that railing and bend over for me. And let’s see if God can’t help me get you pregnant again.”

My senses came back to me as he said that. “Shit, Kick, Avelyn could come back any minute.” I couldn’t deny it though—the fact we could get caught made this hot.

Determination flared on his face and in his eyes. “Evie,” he warned me in a low, deep tone, “turn around. I’m not going another fuckin’ minute without that sweet cunt of yours.”

If there was one thing Kick was good at, it was getting what he wanted, especially when it came to sex. He had this way of taking what he wanted without actually forcing me to give it to him. His bossiness turned me on more than I wanted it to, and today was no different.

I did as he said, my whole body buzzing with need. I could hardly think straight thanks to what he was demanding.

God, I wanted this as much as he did.

He slid his zip down, the sound echoing through the church.

My breaths quickened as he lifted my skirt up over my ass and pulled my panties down.

I gripped the railing hard right before he thrust inside of me.

“Fuck,” he ground out, his hands coming to my hips. “Three days is too long to go without this.”

I had to agree.

With my eyes firmly on the large cross hanging on the wall in front of us, I took every thrust, thankful that my husband was skilled at lasting the distance. Kick hardly ever came fast, and right now, as he fucked me in this church, delivering pleasure like only he could, I stared up at that cross and thanked God for giving him to me.

Kick roared his release long after I came. I was barely still standing by then. He’d fucked me so damn hard I struggled to remember my own name, let alone how to use my legs to hold myself up.

His strong arms circled me, and he pulled me into his embrace, my back to his front. Dropping a kiss to my shoulder, he said, “Don’t change our plans for your mum to have Elizabeth tonight. I’ll be as fast as I can with work, and when I get home, I want you naked and in the bath. We’re starting a new Valentine’s tradition. No roses, no dinners out, no movies, none of that shit. Valentine’s is reserved for the longest fuckin’ sex marathon of the year, starting in the bath because that’s your favourite place in the house. You get to pick how you want it. My only request is the cuffs come out.” He paused and spun me around to face him before adding, “And so you know, we’ll still be honouring this tradition in our seventies. We clear?”

I grinned up at him, loving everything about this idea. “We’re clear, Mr. Hanson. And just so you know, you better bring your stamina with you. I intend to work you hard tonight.”

“I fuckin’ hope so, baby.”

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Nina x

  1. Kristine Arp says:

    “Loved it!!! Hopefully there’s more of the Sydney Storm amen after King!! Which I can’t wait for!!

  2. Lisa Osborn says:

    I love Kick and Evie’s chemistry! It should be bottled and sold to all couples!

  3. Melissia Rafidi says:

    I’m going to hell a little faster reading this LOL!

  4. Jamie says:

    OMG!! That was so HOT!! You ROCKED that Nina!!

  5. Samantha wilkinson says:

    So reading this while sitting in a food court at the shops proberbly wasn’t the best lol. Amazing work and we’re all going to hell. But what a way to go

  6. Donna says:

    One hell of hot way to spend a Valentine’s day. Thanks for the gift!

  7. Cathy says:

    Loved this!!!! Nina, you are the BOMB!!!!

  8. THELMA says:

    We all going to hell….

  9. Judy Robertson says:

    Thank you for giving us sexy Kick and Evie, You rock!! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  10. Jennifer Workman says:

    I loved it Thank you for the Valentine day story. I love all the storm books can’t wait for Kings books look for them daily

  11. Kim says:

    Omg, that was fantastic! What a great way to end my day, thanks so much Nina!

  12. Awesome!!! I love them! I always want more with all of these guys.

    • authorninalevine says:

      I do too!! I can’t wait to write more extras for the Storm men <3 PS Keep your eye out – more coming soon!

  13. Liz says:

    Wow.. Loved it.. that was soooo hot!!

  14. Marsha Neal says:

    Have always loved th sweet and sexy couple of Kick and Evie! There is such chemistry between them,but there is such love 💘

    It was great to visit with them again!! Thanks, Nina!!

  15. Debbie says:

    Loved it wow thank you !!!

  16. Donna says:

    Love it!! Holy . . . Wow!! I need a minute to compose myself!! That was beyond hit !!

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