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Meet Hyde – Bossy Biker from the Sydney Storm MC

Have you met Hyde yet? His book, Hyde's Absolution is book 4 in my Sydney Storm MC biker book romance series, and he fast became one of my favourite bikers to date while I wrote his book. I also fell hard for his woman, Monroe Lee! Check them out in the passage below – it's one of my favourite parts of the book.

Monroe's POV

“I’ve been a shitty father. My kid hasn’t seen me since she was two. I left her mother and never went back until recently. That enough to make you think twice about me?” It was like he was trying to provoke me. Trying to throw bad shit about himself at me in an effort to push me away.

I moved so my body was flush against his, and I gripped his waist. “You’ve already told me you aren’t perfect, so no that doesn’t make me think twice about you. I’ve seen you with Charlie, and I think you’re working hard to make things right.”

He hissed, and his muscles under my hand tensed. Curving his hand around my neck, he held me, his fingers digging in to my skin. The small amount of pain that caused coiled desire through me. God, I wanted this man, even if he was a fucked-up mess. “I hurt people, Roe. I fucking inflict pain on them until they give me what I want. I am not a good man,” he said through gritted teeth. His fingers pressed harder into my skin, and I decided right then that I was going to hell, because this only heightened my want for him.

“You don’t hurt people you love.”

“I have.”

That should have stopped me, but it didn’t. “Who?”

He dropped his head and swore sharply, “Fucking hell.”
Looking back at me, he yelled, “Everyone! I’ve fucking hurt everyone I’ve ever loved!”

I flinched when he yelled, but at least I’d managed to provoke some emotion from him. Up until then, he’d been holding it back even though I sensed it lurking. The room vibrated with his anger. It snaked around us, a menacing evil that threatened to rip us apart. But I refused to let it.

I pushed him and slapped his chest in my frustration. “Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to push me away?”
I hated that he was so hard on himself. The Hyde I knew wasn’t a bad person. Why couldn’t he see what I saw? Why didn’t he know that everyone hurt those they loved?

His hand snapped around my wrist as he snarled, “I’m doing what you asked, Red. I’m sharing myself with you.”

“No! This isn’t sharing. This is you trying to show me all your bad parts at once. That’s not how relationships are built.”

He yanked my wrist closer to his body while still gripping my neck hard. “This is me showing you what you’re getting yourself into,” he barked. “Now’s the time to walk if you don’t think you can handle it.”

My own anger flared. Why was he trying to ruin this before it even got started? I pulled my wrist out of his hold and pushed him again. Harder this time so that he stumbled backwards. “What else have you got for me, then? Tell me your worst, and we’ll see if I stay,” I yelled.

His nostrils flared and his eyes flashed with fury. Before I knew what was happening, he had me around the waist and off my feet while he carried me to the bed. Dumping me on my back, he straddled me, hands pinned either side of my body. He stared down at me with the same level of frustration I felt towards him.

“You’re playing with fucking fire, Monroe. I’m trying to tell you that I will hurt you. I will fuck with you. I will fucking rip your heart out and smash it to pieces. And you’re not fucking listening. But you need to know that’s what I do. I’m a fucking monster.” His chest pumped furiously as he struggled for breath while spewing his toxic words all over the place.

Rage and passion collided in the room around us as we both fought for what we wanted. He wanted me gone; wanted to save me from himself. I wanted him to understand I didn’t love small. When I let him in my life, I chose to accept all the parts of him and to love them equally. And I loved big as fuck. He couldn’t escape it.

I clutched his shirt. “You are not a monster. And I’m not fucking going anywhere. Go ahead, hurt me, fuck with me and rip my heart out. That’s what love is, Hyde. It’s the good with the bad. I can take it. But you better be ready for me to fuck you up, too. Because that’s love. The give and take is where the magic is. I want to bleed with you and cry with you and be slayed with you. And then I want to laugh with you and build a future with you and get wet in my shower with you. You made me fall for you. Now you can man the fuck up and show me why I made the right decision.”

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Have you met Hyde? Did you love him as much as I do??

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