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The Dissent Anthology is Available Now

I've written six new chapters of Owen & Charlize for this anthology that released today!!

My short story is titled “Marrying a Gala Girl” and it features all the gala girls, Owen & Charlize, their moms (The Squad), and a whole lot of fun and banter. I loved writing every word of this!
I've shared a sneak peek below.

Get your copy today → romancedissents.com

For National Read a Book day, DISSENT will be released in eBook and three paperback volumes!

DISSENT is a charity romance anthology with NEW, never before published content from over 150 authors of various romance subgenres. All proceeds from the eBook and paperbacks will be donated to organizations benefiting reproductive rights in the United States, particularly in areas where people need them more than ever.

Dissent will only be available for a very limited time, so grab your copy today, and see the details below for everything you need to know for the auction raising funds for this incredibly important cause, you can bid on a copy of Owen North and a one of a kind swag packs as well and hundreds of other items!!

Here's an excerpt from the story (if you've not read Owen North yet, you may not want to read this – just scroll past):


Charlize's POV

Whoever said your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, didn’t have to endure four months of The Squad.

I love my mother and I adore Owen’s mother, but holy mother of too much.

“We are never divorcing,” I say to Owen as I follow him into the bedroom of the Grand Penthouse suite of The Plaza hotel the night before our wedding.

He doesn’t even stop at what I’ve said. He continues striding into the room, throwing over his shoulder, “That was never an option.”

“No, I’m being serious, Owen.” I place my purse on the bed as he walks into the bathroom. “Don’t ever come to me and tell me you want a divorce because I will never agree to one.”

He walks back into the bedroom, a determined look on his face. “And I was being deadly serious when I said divorce was never an option.” He pauses. “What’s caused you to bring this up?”

I hold my cell phone up to him, showing him the texts from our mothers. “This! Honestly, they will be the death of me. We’re getting married tomorrow. Tomorrow! And they’re still trying to get me to change my mind about my dress. Like, do they just have replacement dresses on hand? I’m staying married to you forever to make the four months of Squad hell count.” My eyes go wide. “I think I’m going to throw my phone away. If you need to contact me before the wedding, you’ll have to go through Poppy.”

Poppy is staying with me in this suite tonight while Owen stays in the King Penthouse Suite. We’ve just arrived back after dinner with everyone and I’m almost regretting our decision to spend tonight apart. I’m feeling all kinds of anxious thanks to The Squad and their unrelenting demands. I think I need Owen with me tonight.

Owen comes to me and pulls me into his arms. “I know the last four months have been a lot for you, and I’m sorry that all landed on your shoulders.” He bends his face to mine and kisses me. “We’re almost there.”

I grip his shirt. “I know, but what will come after the wedding?”

He frowns. “What do you mean?”

“Honestly, you men are so clueless sometimes. My prediction is they’ll start hounding us for children starting tomorrow.”

“We’ll be in Australia soon. Far away from their hounding.”

“I repeat, clueless. You don’t seriously think a million miles between us will stop them from finding ways to harass us, do you?”

He chuckles and brushes his lips over mine again. Then, turning more serious, he says, “I’ll make it clear that we’re done with the hounding.”

“You better or I may just stop getting on my knees for you.”

Heat flares in his eyes and I am sure I see his brain figuring out how to score a blowjob while Poppy is downstairs in the penthouse waiting for us.

I let his shirt go and step away from him. “Stop thinking about my lips around your dick. It’s not happening tonight.”

“Fuck,” he rasps. “The next time you talk me into things after giving me a blowjob, I’m not listening.”

He’s right, I did talk him into us not staying together tonight after I blew him.

Our mothers were horrified that we planned a dinner with our family and friends tonight, and when I mentioned us staying together, they lost their cool completely. They’re both big believers in the groom not seeing the bride the night before the wedding. Somehow, they got me to agree to stay apart, which meant I then had to find a way to get Owen to agree. Blowjobs for the win, always.

“Baby,” I say, “let’s be real. I could talk you into giving me the world after I blow you.”

“You could talk me into that without the blowjob, Charlize.” And just like that, those blue eyes of his flare with far more than heat. They flare with all the love in the world.


I've been asked if this short story will be available at a later date, not in the anthology. The answer is yes. It's exclusive to the anthology for this year. After that, I can publish it myself.

Did you see the charity auction that's being run alongside the release of the Dissent anthology this week?!! There are so many amazing items!

I've donated a signed paperback copy of Owen North and a swag pack. I'm still creating the merch for this but I want you to know it will be new items including bookmarks, stickers, badges, and an Owen North mug! I'm passionate about raising money for this cause, so I'm making sure this swag pack is extra special for the person who bids and wins it.

You need to register for this auction. The link to do that is below.

The charity Auction runs Thursday thru Sunday!

Registration: https://bit.ly/3QfnFty
Auction Link: auctria.events/dissentanthology

My listing: https://bit.ly/3RDgvAk

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