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A day in the life of King & Lily

King as you've never seen him…

***Nineteen years after he married Lily. ***

Just to orient you: Cade is 18, Meredith is 16, Travis is 15

“Travis! Breakfast is ready,” I call out as I finish plating the bacon and eggs I’ve cooked.

“He’s in a fuck of a mood this morning,” Cade says, reaching for a mug to make coffee.

I eye my son. “Watch your language around your mother and sister, Cade.”

Meredith rolls her eyes as she walks into the kitchen. “Honestly, Dad, you never stop swearing. It’s not like Mum and I haven’t heard it all before.”

“She’s got a point,” Cade agrees.

I hit him with the look that tells him not to push this. I never imagined I’d tell someone to watch their language, but I’ve been telling my sons to do exactly that from the age they started swearing. I don’t give a fuck if they swear with their friends or around me, but I’ve made it clear they’re to watch it when they’re with anyone else. And contrary to popular opinion of my kids’, I’ve toned my shit down over the years.

“Can you please set the table, Meredith?” I ask.

She looks at me with a less-than-impressed expression. “The gender inequality that goes on in this house is more than noted.”

Lily joins us as our daughter expresses her thoughts. The smile that lifts her lips at the ends is more than noted by me. My wife finds it highly amusing to sit back and watch my kids school me.

I shift my attention to Meredith. “I asked you to set the table, not to give up a fundamental right.”

Meredith shifts her weight onto one leg like she’s settling in for a debate. “Why did you ask me instead of Cade?”

“Because you’re the one standing in front of the cutlery drawer.”

“That is the worst reason of life, Dad.”

“It’s not. Now, can we hurry this up and get the table set?” I say, my impatience flaring.

Meredith has other ideas. She doesn’t move. “Are you aware of just how often you ask me to do jobs around the house that have been historically performed by women in the domestic space?”


“I’m aware that our breakfast is going cold the longer we stand here and argue over this,” I say. When she continues to stare at me like she’s got a fuckload more of this to hit me with, I jerk my chin at her and say, “Go and sit at the table. I’ll set the damn thing.”

She sighs. “No, I’ll do it. But you missed the entire point.”

Lily brushes past me on her way to the fridge, her fingers curling around my wrist briefly, squeezing me before letting me go.

I catch Cade’s smirk as his sister gathers cutlery from the drawer.

Jabbing my finger at him, I say, “Help her please.”

He lifts his hands in a defensive manner before moving towards the drawer, still fucking grinning at me. “Far be it from me to support the systemic inequality that exists in this house.”

*I wrote 10k new words in a short story featuring a day in the life of King & Lily for my Patreon girls after they voted for more King. This month, I'm writing A Day in the Life of Scott & Harlow. And recently, I wrote A Day in the Life of Blade & Layla. *

I loved being back with King and Lily, and seeing how they've both grown together. Also, seeing King with his kids… sigh

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