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One Of My Favourite Ashton Scott Scenes

I'm writing a new bonus scene featuring Ashton & Lorelei!! After not writing for six weeks, I'm so happy to be back with my characters. The new scene should be ready within the next few days, so keep an eye out for that. I'll post it here on my website and link to it on Insta and FB.

I've decided to share one of my favourite scenes from Ashton Scott with you today. If you haven't met Ashton yet, he's a bossy billionaire, and when I say bossy, I mean B O S S Y!! I actually didn't realise just how bossy he is until the reviews started coming in for his book. I just wrote him exactly how I love my alphas!

If you have read Ashton, I'd love to know what your fave scene is!! Let me know in the comments.

Okay, enough of my rambling, here's some Ashton for you…


“What?” I lift my brows at Ashton as we get ready to go out for dinner that night. “You thought I’d just throw a few things in a suitcase and call the job done? A woman needs options when she goes away for the weekend with her man.”

He runs his gaze over my clothes I’ve laid out on the bed in our suite, taking in all the outfit options I’ve got. “Fucking hell,” he mutters, “You’ve got enough there for a month-long trip.”

I ignore that and continue my search for the perfect outfit to wear to dinner. I’m tired from our busy day, but I’m determined not to waste a second of our time here. We might be visiting the resort for work, but that’s no reason not to get as much sexy time with Ashton as possible. And I’ve packed a few outfits that I know will help get him in the mood. Not that Ashton ever needs a reason for that.

The sound of him undressing fills my ears, and I turn to watch as he unbuttons his shirt. It’s one of my favourite things to do—watching him undress.

He watches me while he works the buttons, his gaze intense. “Take your dress off.”

His bossiness hits me deep in my core and every nerve ending lights with need. I do as he orders, his watchful gaze and commanding attitude owning my every action.

As I kick my dress to the side, he closes the distance between us with determination. Taking hold of my face, he kisses me, his restraint close to breaking point. Ashton can’t hide his need, and that’s something that turns me on. He makes me feel more wanted than I’ve ever felt.

When he finally lets my mouth go, he kisses a trail down my neck, his hands on my breasts. In between kisses, he rasps, “Fair warning—you won’t be able to walk when we leave this resort on Sunday.”

I grip his biceps. “I like these kinds of promises.”

Before I realise what he’s doing, he lifts me and carries me out to the balcony. I quickly wrap my arms and legs around him while both anticipation and apprehension fill me. I’m almost naked and he’s taking me outside where anyone can see me.

“Ashton, what are you doing? I have no clothes on.” Our room overlooks the ocean and there are people everywhere down on the street. It might be dark, but the resort is lit up. Oh God.

He places me down and spins me around so he’s behind me, pressing my body against the railing. The glass railing that hides nothing from the world. Sweeping my hair off my shoulder, he bends to place his mouth to my bare skin. “You’re not naked yet, but you will be soon.”

I grasp the railing, almost succumbing to the sensations he’s causing, but I can’t stop staring down at the people below us. When he moves to unclasp my bra, my limbs turn shaky. I’m not sure I can do this out here.

“Ashton, no. I can’t.” My words fall out breathlessly and a little unconvincingly. Because if I’m totally honest, there’s a forbidden thrill chasing my fear away. I’m torn between being completely aroused by the idea of sex out in the open and nervous about the whole thing.

“Lorelei,” he growls against my ear, “You told me you wanted to fuck me in public. Have you changed your mind?”

He’s right—I did tell him that. But now it’s happening, I’m not sure I can go through with it. “I don’t know. It feels wrong with all these people around.” Wrong but so damn good at the same time.

“It’s dark,” he says as he runs his hand down my stomach and dips his hand into my panties. “And even if they can see where my hand is, they can’t see that I’m fingering your cunt right now.” With his free hand, he takes hold of my neck and angles my head back so he can kiss me. His tongue tangles with mine as his fingers reach deep inside me, and I know there’s no way I’m saying no to this now. When he drags his mouth from mine, he says, “I want to do filthy things to you out here in front of all these people, but I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

Oh God, I want all those filthy things.

Every single last one of them.

I turn in his embrace and glide my hands over his bare chest. Meeting his gaze, I nod. I want this as much as he does.

“Tell me what you want,” he commands in the forceful way he does when he’s pushing me to express my desires.

I bite my lip and drop my eyes for a moment, but he tilts my face back up, forcing me to hold eye contact. It’s times like this I wish I was more experienced. I wish I had the same level of sexual confidence as Ashton.

“Tell me,” he growls again. “I want to know what you want me to do to you and where you want it.”

Every last piece of resistance I have to this evaporates when I see the desire flashing in his eyes. It doesn’t matter that we’re at different levels sexually or that I feel nervous about this; all that matters is we’re in this together, and he wants me just as much as I want him.

I take hold of his face and kiss him with all the passion consuming me. It’s hot and it grows frantic. There’s no stopping this now. “I want you to fuck me out here for everyone to see,” I finally admit, panting with lust. I want that more than anything else.

In one deft movement, he removes my bra. Bending his head, he takes one of my nipples into his mouth while holding my breast. His free hand slips into my panties again and he finds my clit. I spread my arms out and rest them on the railing. Dropping my head back, I close my eyes and shut out every noise while losing myself in the moment.

Ashton expertly moves me closer to orgasm with every stroke of his tongue and fingers. He edges me there and then pulls back. Over and over until I’m writhing against him and begging for release. It’s his favourite thing to do, and he’s skilled in ways I’ve never experienced. But tonight the rush of being in public arouses me to new heights.

Arching my back and threading my fingers through his hair, I beg, “Please… let me come, Ashton.”

He stops what he’s doing and straightens, eyes coming to mine. “Take off your panties,” he orders, his voice all kinds of husky.

I step forward and reach for his belt buckle. Not letting go of his gaze, I say, “I’d rather take these off.”

His hand snaps around my wrist. “Do as I say, Lorelei.”

Oh God.

I’m not sure I can take any more of his foreplay.

I don’t shift my hand. “Ashton—”

He cuts me off with a growl. “Take your panties off and spread your legs. I need to taste you before I make you come.”

Although I’m desperate for this orgasm, I can never say no to Ashton’s mouth on my pussy, so I do as ordered. He watches me in silence for another long few moments. The intensity vibrating from him increases my anticipation with every passing second.

When I finally do come, it’s going to be hard. It’s going to shatter through me. And knowing he’ll back it up straight away with another orgasm when he fucks me causes my core to clench even more.

He kneels in front of me and kisses my pussy. Slowly and thoroughly. Taking hold of my thighs, he concentrates all his attention on pleasuring me with his mouth.

It’s bliss, and if I could, I’d never let him leave my side again. I want Ashton’s attention every second of the day.

His hands.

His mouth.

His body.

All of it.

When I’m with him, the world doesn’t exist. And tonight is no different. There’s only him and me and how good we make each other feel.

I cry out his name when I finally orgasm, my voice slicing through the night air for anyone to hear.

Ashton stands, kissing his way up my body as he finds his way to my mouth. Tasting myself on his tongue is something I find hot. I’ve never liked it before, but Ashton somehow makes me like everything he does.

“I want you every way I can have you this weekend,” he says as he draws his mouth from mine and turns me to face the railing again.

His hands skim down my body before he undoes the zip of his pants. He then grips my hips and bends his face to speak against my ear. “And this won’t be the last time I fuck you out here.” He thrusts inside of me as he says that, causing me to cry out again.

I grasp the railing and hold on tightly while he fucks me. This is the hottest sex we’ve had. And it’s on the same scale of wild and untamed as he’s been doing it recently. It’s as if with every passing day, he’s becoming more demanding of me. Rougher in all the ways that draw out my deepest desires. It’s as if he can’t get enough of me.

His fingers dig into my skin.

His movements grow faster, harder.

And his teeth find my neck as he kisses and bites me.

The pain and pleasure mixed together sends my mind and body into free fall.

I barely know who I am and where I am while he drives into me like this. All I know is that I will never have enough of this man.

“Fuck!” His roar bellows out of him as he slams into me one last time, his hands letting go of my hips and circling me.

His hold is firm, crushing almost, and it wraps me with a feeling of security. I orgasm again and rest my head back against his shoulder, completely spent. Completely happy.

“Fuck,” he rasps against my ear. “I love you.”

The three words we’ve both been dancing around fall from his mouth. Every sensation coursing through me intensifies at those three words.

I thought I was feeling happy a moment ago, but I didn’t know how much happier Ashton could make me with just a few words.

I turn in his arms and smile up at him. “I love you, too, Ashton.”

His eyes search mine for a beat. And then his lips crash down onto my mouth and he shows me how much he meant those words. When he finally ends the kiss, he says, “I don’t ever intend to let you go.”

I stand on my tiptoes and take hold of his face. This man needs to know exactly where I stand. And he needs to know it well. “Good, because if you ever do, I’ll come looking for you and remind you of this moment. And just so you know—I don’t ever intend to let you go either. You’re mine now.”

His arms tighten around me. “I was yours a long time ago, Lorelei.”


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