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Ashton Scott Bonus Scene – New Years Eve


I'm excited to share a brand new Ashton Scott bonus scene with you today! This is set a few months after the epilogue in his book so if you haven't read Ashton Scott yet, don't read this scene. It's set a couple of days before New Years Eve. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! It was so good to be back in the Ashton world <3


Ashton's POV

“Ashton, are you listening to me or should I just hang up now and call Lorelei to organise this?” Alessandra snaps as I attempt to drag my attention to our phone call. “You know I don’t have the time or the patience to be ignored at the moment.”

I manage to focus on what she’s saying. No small feat when my wife is standing in front of me removing her clothes one item at a time. “At the moment?” Aly never has the time or patience.

“I’m choosing to ignore the sarcastic undertone in that question. Now, can you please tell me what time lunch is tomorrow and which dish Lorelei decided she wants me to bring? Or should I just call her?”

Lorelei hits me with a sexy smile as she slides her bra strap down over her shoulder. When she bites her bottom lip, I reach for my belt buckle and say, “No, don’t call her. She’s busy. Lunch is at twelve. Bring the dessert you two discussed.”

“What’s she doing? I thought she was home all day today.”

She is.

And she’s currently engaged.

Or about to be.

When I fail to answer her, she snaps again, “Ashton—”

I grip my phone as my gaze drops to Lorelei’s breasts. “I have to go, Aly. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Without waiting for her to reply, I end the call, drop my phone to the bed, and close the distance between my wife and me.

“I didn’t think you’d ever get off that phone,” Lorelei murmurs as my arm slides around her waist. “How long do I have you home for?”

I don’t make a habit of coming home for lunch, but work has been getting in the way of time with Lorelei for the past couple of months so I made the spontaneous decision to cancel two meetings I had scheduled over lunch and came home to spend a couple of hours with her. Jessica was less than impressed and muttered something about the return of Asshole Monday. I didn’t correct her. It is true I’ve been difficult at work lately, but that’s the reason I need this time with Lorelei.

“I have two hours.” My hand slips into her panties, curving over her bottom. “Fuck, I’ve missed this ass.”

“This ass has been right here waiting for you,” she says as she undoes my pants and pushes them down. Eyes pinned to mine, she adds, “Is that deal nearly finalised? Because if it isn’t, your wife may just make it her mission to kidnap you and take you away to a deserted island.”

I’ve had eight years with this woman and yet I can never get enough of her. Will never have enough of her. Backing her up against the wall, I rip her panties off and spin her around. Sweeping her hair to the side, I brush my mouth against her ear. “The deal is done, and the deserted island is booked.”

She presses her ass back against me causing my dick to harden even more than it already is. “Good because I have plans for you on that island and they don’t involve computers or deals or any kind of work except the kind where your hands are busy with my body.”

She thinks I’m playing with her. I’m not. I really do have a private island booked for the two of us. It’s the reason why I told her not to make any plans for New Years Eve, which is the reason why my sister and her family are invading our home tomorrow. Lorelei and Alessandra decided that if we weren’t going to be spending New Years together, we’d get together for a lunch the day before. I tried to put a stop to it so I could have my wife to myself but this was one of those occasions where I lost.

I run my hand down her body to find her clit. The arch of her back as my finger circles it, along with the moan that falls from her lips, are two of my favourite things in the world. Again I’m reminded I’ve been working too damn hard lately.

“Tell me what plans you have for me on that island,” I demand as I work her towards her first orgasm.

Her head falls back on my shoulder as she places her hand on top of mine, directing my fingers where she wants them inside her. “The minute I get you on the plane to the island, I want your mouth and hands all over me. It’ll be a private plane of course, but I don’t care who watches you fuck me; I just need you inside me. It’s been too long.”

Fuck, I love her need for me. It’s been three days since I’ve fucked her. I agree, far too fucking long.

I reach deep inside her to the place she only allows me to go. Lorelei may have been mine for less than a decade, but I struggle to remember the time when she wasn’t. Our bodies and souls and lives are intertwined immeasurably. Where she ends and I start is a point I no longer know.

“And after I fuck you on the plane, tell me how you want me to fuck you when we reach our destination.”

The sight of her biting her lip as I kiss her neck almost causes me to turn her around and sink my dick inside her before she comes. I’m a starved man and her teeth on her lips always unleash a wave of lust in me, but I keep my control and work my fingers harder. Faster.

She presses both hands to the wall and moans as she arches her back more, grinding against me. Her long hair flows down her back, arousing and enticing. Another sight I can’t get enough of. “Fuck, Ashton… never again…. I’m never letting you out of my sight again.”

Her voice takes control of my dick, and unable to stop myself, I remove my fingers, take hold of her hips, and thrust inside of her.

“Fuck,” I roar, my grip of her tightening. This isn’t going to last long, but I’m just getting started. We have hours of this ahead of us.

“Oh God, yes…” The words fall from Lorelei’s mouth, laced with the kind of pleasure a man aches to hear from his woman. It drives me to fuck her harder, rougher.

Our bodies move together, our rhythm becoming a frenzy of desperate need as we chase our release. I’ve never wanted my wife more, but that’s a thought I have each time I fuck her. Hell, it’s a thought I have every day of my life whether I’m deep inside her or not.

I drop my mouth to her neck and sink my teeth into her skin as I come. She takes everything I have to give and orgasms with me. We’re both lost in the pleasure for a beat, until I pull out of her and turn her to face me.

Cupping her face, I drop my lips to hers and steal the kiss I’ve been thinking of all day. The way she kisses me back tells me she’s been thinking of this too. We take our time, completely consumed with each other.

When we finally come up for air, I pin my gaze to hers and demand again, “Tell me how you want to be fucked when we reach the island.”

She hooks a leg around mine and presses her body close, a lazy sexy smile settling into place. Threading her fingers through my hair, she plays along with my game that’s not actually a game. I’m cataloguing every wish of hers and intend to give them all to her. “Well, there definitely needs to be a lot of rough sex. There hasn’t been enough of that lately. Since Autumn was born, you’ve been far too gentle with me.”

I lift a brow questioningly. I don’t agree with her on this, but perhaps her needs have grown. “Be specific, Lorelei. How rough do you want me to get?”

“More spanking, harder spanking, clawing, biting, a lot more tying me up.” She kisses me again before adding, “I want you to be more dominant than you ever have, Ashton. I want you to make me beg for it until I’m breathless with need, coming out of my skin for you to be inside me. Remember how we used to be before we had Dana? I want a whole lot more of that.”

She’s right. Our sex life is far from boring, not even fucking close, but having kids has changed the way I handle her. Autumn was born seven months ago, with complications that Lorelei took her time recovering from, and while I’m demanding in the bedroom, I have been gentle with her.

Before I can reply, she says, “Maybe we should ask Alessandra to take the kids for a weekend. All this talk of going away makes me want to actually do it.”

Spinning her around, I force her against the wall while kicking her legs apart. My actions are swift and not gentle. If Lorelei wants rough, that’s exactly what she’ll get. Grabbing her hair, I pull her head back as I snake my arm around her and run my hand down her body to find her clit. “I’m going to spend the next couple of hours fucking you in ways that will make it hard for you to walk, and when I’m done you’re going to pack a bag with whatever you’ll need to spend a week on a private island with me. Don’t bother packing many clothes, though. You won’t require them.”

She moans as I rub her clit, but then she attempts to argue with me. “Ashton, we have stuff on. We can’t just cancel everything and run away. And what about the kids?”

“Baby, we have nothing on. I cancelled all of your things yesterday. This trip has been planned for a month.”

Her mouth falls open in surprise. Before she can continue arguing with me, I twist her neck so I can silence her with a kiss. Meeting her gaze when I end the kiss, I say, “Happy new year, Lorelei. We’re starting the year as I intend to go on—deep inside of you as often as I can be.” I thrust three fingers inside her as I growl, “I hope you know what you’re asking for, though, because nothing about this week is going to be gentle now.”

She hits me with another smile. “I know exactly what I’m asking for. I’m asking for my man back.”

Her words cause my stomach to tighten with desire. “When will the kids be home?”

Her eyes light up; after all these years, Lorelei can figure out where my thoughts are going. “Your mum said she’d bring them back around three, but I know she’d be happy to have them longer if we want her to.”

I happen to know my mother will have them overnight if we want her to. I also know that Jessica is going to be annoyed with me very soon.

Letting Lorelei go, I jerk my chin at our bed and boss her, “I want you on your hands and knees, ass in the air. I’m going to call Mum and organise for the kids to stay with her tonight. And then I’m going to give you what you want.”

Her smile grows. “I have you all afternoon now?”


Wrapping her arms around me, she says, “When I married you, I knew I was marrying a man who likes to work a lot, and you know I never begrudge you spending time at work, but your hours have been insane over the last few months. I’ve missed you. And you really don’t need to treat me like I’m fragile in the bedroom anymore. I know it took me a while to recover from Autumn’s birth, but really, I’m good now.”

She’s right about everything, as she usually is. Autumn’s birth coincided with some huge deals coming to fruition that I’d been putting together for a long time. That, coupled with us now parenting three children has proved challenging. Our relationship is strong, but even the strongest ones take a hit sometimes.

“I love you, Lorelei, but you need to stop talking and get on that bed.”

Standing on her toes, she brushes her lips across mine. “I love you, too. And just so you know, this is the best present you’ve ever given me.” With that, she leaves me to do as I’ve directed.

I watch her go and think about the coming year. Lorelei and I have discussed having another child and agreed we won’t be having anymore. Three kids and a hectic work schedule is more than enough for us both to handle, but our main reason for this choice was because we want to allow time to focus on us. And this is the reason why I booked this week away.

I want my hands on her body but even more than that I want our hearts connected forever. My work is important to me, but not even that comes close to how important Lorelei is to me.

I don’t believe in the New Year being a chance to make fresh starts or any of that bullshit. Lorelei is big into it, though, and every year she harasses me to set new goals with her and commit to new things. I do it with her because I love her, but while many people get sidetracked with their goals throughout the year, I never take my eye off my priorities. I may get busy at work and she may think I’m distant or distracted, but the truth is I’m not either of those things. Day in, day out, whether it’s the first day of June or the first day of January, I’m all in on my goal of making my wife the happiest woman in the world.

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