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Nitro’s Torment Extended Sneak Peek

Nitro's Torment by Nina Levine


I'm excited to finally release the second book in my Sydney Storm MC series next month! Nitro's woman, Tatum, would have to be my toughest Storm girl yet. Here's a taste of Nitro and Tatum. It takes place at the club where Tatum works. King (the Sydney Storm president) is looking for her boss, Billy.


King’s voice darkened with menace. “I don’t believe you. Take me to his office.” He paused for a moment before barking, “Now!”

Fear chased her smile away and she jumped in fright. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Gentleman,” a commanding female voice sounded from behind us. A voice I knew. “I don’t appreciate you intimidating my girls.”

Turning, I found Tatum standing with her arms crossed over her chest, a hard glare in place. Black jeans painted her long legs and a leather biker jacket covered her tits. Stilettos gave her height, and her eyes met mine with little effort.

“Vegas,” I murmured, taken aback. This woman standing in front of me was not at all like the woman I rescued the previous night. Sure, her eye was swollen and her face and neck were bruised from the beating she suffered, but she stood tall and fucking fierce. And as she shifted her gaze between the three of us, she didn’t back down.

King moved toward her, snarling. “Tatum Lee, we meet again.”

She squared her shoulders. “So it would seem, King.”

“Where’s Billy?”

“He’s stepped out for a couple of hours to deal with a family matter. Can I help you with something?”

King stared at her like she’d lost her mind. “I highly fucking doubt that. I didn’t come here for a lap dance.”

She uncrossed her arms. “And you wouldn’t get one off me even if you did.”

He gripped her arm and I caught the wince of pain that escaped her lips. Pulling her to him, he said, “I’m not a fan of your smart mouth, Tatum. Now call your fucking boss and set me up a meeting.”

She didn’t fight him, didn’t even attempt to wiggle out of his hold. Instead, she simply stood there and said, “Take your fucking hands off me and then I’ll see what I can do for you.”

He continued to hold her for another few moments before eventually shoving her out of his grasp.

With eyes that roared her hatred of him, she held his gaze while pulling out her phone. When Billy answered her call, she turned and walked away from us to talk with him.

I tracked her ass as she moved away. Tatum had an ass made for sin and legs that begged a man to spread them. I imagined cutting those clothes off her and sinking my dick deep inside her. That cunt of hers would—



I snapped out of my thoughts to find King staring at me. “What?”

“Bronze texted. The raids on Silver Hell clubs will go down tonight.”

Bronze had been on our payroll for years and never let us down. If the New South Wales police force knew they had a dirty cop as high in their ranks as he was, they’d probably kill him before they’d admit it to the public. Just over a year ago the state flushed out what they thought to be all their dirty cops, along with the handful of dirty lawyers they had in the DPP. Since then they had heavily promoted their clean force. For Bronze to have survived that, I knew there had to be more amongst their ranks.

“So we need to sort our supply issue out today,” Hyde added.

“Yeah, I’m getting that, Hyde,” I muttered, my eyes still on Tatum.

She ended her call and came back to us. Eyeing King, she said, “Billy will be back in two hours. He’ll see you then.”

With one last glare at her, he turned and stalked out of the club to his bike. She watched him for a beat and then looked at me. “Your president is an ass.”

Hyde scowled at her and left, but I closed the distance between us and said, “You’d do well to keep your thoughts to yourself, Vegas.” Unable to stop myself, I dropped my gaze to her chest. The little I could see of her tits was hardly enough, but I took what I could and then looked back up at her.

She lifted a brow. “If you knew me, Nitro, you’d know I never keep my thoughts to myself. And right now, I’m thinking you’d do well to keep your eyes off my tits.”

“I only take orders from one person in this world and I’m not looking at him.”

“So maybe you should turn your ass around and leave so that you are looking at him.”

I reached out to touch her, wanting to run my finger over those lips that were giving me attitude, but she wrapped her hand around my wrist faster than I saw coming, halting my progress.

“You’d also do well never to touch me without my permission,” she said calmly before dropping my arm and turning to leave.

Fuck she was feisty. I wasn’t a fan of attitude off a woman, but I couldn’t deny my dick was hard as hell. I wondered what kind of man Tatum Lee usually fucked, because it sure as hell wouldn’t be a man like me. I’d have to fuck that feisty out of her and I doubted she’d surrender easily, if at all.




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