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NEW Escape With An Alpha

One of my favourite things to do is send out bonus scenes and free stories to my readers. I'd do it a whole lot more if I had the time! There's just something about writing a chapter and having readers read it straight away. It fuels my creativity, and I love putting a smile on someone's face when I surprise them with something new. I also love the opportunity to give back to my readers because you guys have given me so much! I get to spend my days doing a job I adore because you keep coming back and reading each book I write <3

So, after wanting to do this for years, I finally started publishing a FREE monthly ebook for my readers. Escape With An Alpha is so much fun to write and put together. I'm currently up to Issue 3 and it just went out to my readers via email last night. I have two ongoing serials in it, so if you haven't read the first two issues I recommend grabbing them first (I'll include links in this post).

Here's some info on what you can expect to find inside an issue of Escape With An Alpha:

New chapters every month of these two stories.

  1. The Jett & Presley Diaries
  2. Winter & Birdie (an all NEW Sydney Storm MC couple!)


Interviews with me and guests (authors & bloggers)

Storm MC bonus chapters

Catch up with old favourites!

News and lots of other fun stuff!

FREE AND EXCLUSIVE TO MY EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS – JOIN HERE: http://ninalevinebooks.com/ninanews 

Download the current issue

Download the previous issues –

Issue 1

Issue 2

I hope you love these!

Nina x

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