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March Stormgirl Strong Set

I've been publishing for just over eight years now and have always had a very clear vision for how I wanted to give to the world once I could afford to do so with both time and money. My bestie and assistant, Jodie, shares my vision.

We have a huge vision to touch women's lives.

Through the books I write.

Through the social media posts we write.

Through the personal stories we share.

Through the events we meet people at.

Through the community we're building.

In July 2020, we started the Stormgirl Strong Facebook group for women to come to for community. Here's what the group means to us:

I am mine.

Before I am anyone else's.

Stormgirl Strong is where we come to celebrate ourselves, our lives, and all the things we love.

It's where we come when we need support to get through the storms.

It's where we can be unapolegetically ourselves.

Jodie and I absolutely love this group. It has been our strength at times when we were running low ourselves.

This month, we're launching something new. Something we're excited about!

We both know that sometimes, especially in the middle of a storm, we need something extra to help get us through. Something to remind us of our strength and capability to endure and triumph.

For us, that is sometimes something visual that we can connect with during our busy days. Something as simple as a sticker, a bookmark, a quote. So, we've decided to design Stormgirl Strong Sets of these items for anyone who feels the same as us. And we're giving them to you. We'll cover the cost of having them produced; you only need to cover the cost of getting them to you.

We truly hope they can help you.

Here's March's set.

 With this set, we'll also be including two other stickers for you – a Stormgirl sticker and a Storm logo sticker.

We'll order the sets in about a week, once we gauge interest, and will ship yours out as soon as we have them in stock.

If you'd like to order, select your location from the drop-down menu below, before pressing PAY NOW.

Stormgirl Strong Set

  1. Melissa Winch says:

    We have a couple of us at work who are going through some bad times and we try to put up a quote, message etc to lift us all up a bit, this bundle is perfect 🥰 plus my last Storm sticker was on my car I sold last year, my new car doesn’t have one 😭🤣👍

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