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Kane & Alice – New Storm MC

So, I've been doing a thing over on my Patreon and I'm about to get super serious about it!



Starting next week, I'll be releasing new chapters weekly from this standalone Storm book on my Patreon. The book will eventually release to all retailers, but my Patreon subscribers will get it via early release, and then once the book is finished, they'll also receive an ebook download of it (like they do with all my releases).

I'm having so much fun playing with new Storm content. I'm also working on Priest's story (if you've read Colt, you may remember Priest from that book). I haven't written any chapters on that story yet, but I have been plotting and doing character development work that will all be shared via Patreon in my behind-the-scenes posts there.

If you want to check out my Patreon, here's the link.

And, here's the first chapter of Kane's story!


Surveying the club, I put my phone to my ear and answer King’s call. “He’s been taken care of,” I say.

“Any casualties?” King asks. I can barely hear him over the heavy beat of the music.

“One. But it was O’Malley. He won’t be missed.” My eyes land on a brunette.

“Scott has a job for you tomorrow morning. Once you’re finished it, you can head home.”

The brunette has legs I can’t remove my eyes from. Hips too. And the way those legs and hips are moving to the music speaks directly to my dick. “I’ll see you on Saturday.”

We end the call and I dedicate time to the owner of those legs.

Eyes closed, she slowly lifts her arms above her head and sways her hips.

She’s completely lost in the music.

In the dance.


Fuck me, I want to move with her.

I want to get my hands on her.

I want to bend her the fuck over and fill her.

She opens her eyes and meets mine.

Still moving with the music.

I take the time to appreciate the black dress she’s wearing and the curves of sin the fabric skims over. The lowcut V in the front reaches down between her breasts, only half covering them. The slit in one side of the dress reaches all the way to her hip. The dress moves over her skin with ease, and I imagine gliding my hand down her leg and under the material to take hold of her ass before lifting her leg to wrap it around my body.

She smiles seductively at me before bringing one hand down from above her head to her long hair, to her neck, to her breast. She lets it linger there and my eyes are helpless but to zero in and linger too.

Her tits are the perfect handful and that dress leaves little to the imagination. I want my mouth on them. I want to take each nipple between my lips before giving her some teeth. I want my tongue to take its time with her skin.

The song switches, a slower, deeper bass filling the room. The brunette’s hips meet the beat and I’m fucking hypnotised. She’s sexy as hell and I’m done watching.

I tip the rest of my beer back before making my way to her.

She watches every step I take, her teeth pulling her bottom lip in to bite it. As I draw closer, she slowly turns so her back is to me, and I get a look at the ass that goes so fucking perfectly with those hips and legs.

I step behind her as she moves her hand back to her breast. Pressing my body to hers, I place my hand on her hip and brush my mouth against her ear. “You wanna get out of here?”

She reaches for my hand at her hip and glides it up her body to take over at her breast. “Yes, but not yet.” Her voice matches everything else about her. It’s sultry, sexy, and I could listen to it for hours on end while I fuck her.

Gyrating her hips, she works her ass against my dick. She reaches for my free hand and brings it around her body to the hip that the slit of her dress starts at. I glide my way down her leg and under her dress in search of her panties.

She rests her arm on top of mine, grasping my forearm while I curve my hand over the top of her panties. When I rub her clit through her panties, a moan falls from her lips.

“Fuck,” I growl against her ear. “You’re fucking soaked.”

Her fingers dig into my forearm, urging me to give her more.

“You want me to fuck you with my fingers?” Her sweet scent is driving me fucking wild; I want more than my fingers inside her, but I’ll give her this now if it’s what she wants.

She nods while grinding her ass against my dick. “Yes.”

The beat of the music changes again.


Driving towards a climax

The brunette and I are lost in a sea of bodies as my hand slips into her panties.

She’s bare.

And wet as fuck.

I push two fingers inside her.

She takes them like she was made for them.

And she makes a noise of pure satisfaction unlike any I’ve ever heard.

This woman likes to fuck.

Of that, I am absolutely certain.

She grinds down onto my fingers, her cunt begging for more.

I give her exactly what she’s after.

I reach deep.

I hit her sweet spot.

And I fuck her like it’s my job.

Her fingernails gouge my forearm in a way I fucking like.

Working her pussy, I graze her neck with my teeth before growling, “The third time you come tonight, you’ll do it sitting on my face.”

Her cunt squeezes around my fingers. “How will I do it the second time?”

I lick her neck, tasting the scent that’s slayed my dick. “On your hands and knees with my dick buried the fuck inside you.”

Another moan leaves her mouth and a moment later, she comes, her body sagging against mine as her orgasm shatters through her. When she rests her head back against my chest, I angle her face so I can kiss her.

If the way our lips connect is anything to go by, the sex is going to be some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

She kisses me like she’s fucking me.

Dirty and deep.

Turning in my arms, she curls her hand around my neck to pull me in closer. Tighter. Harder against her mouth.

It’s almost savage.


And fuck me, if it’s not what I need right now.

Today was long. Violent. Bloody. I need this to take the edge off.

When the kiss ends, I find her eyes and suck one of my fingers with her on it into my mouth. I lick her from my skin while she watches. When I’m done, I bring one of my other fingers to her mouth. “Clean me up.”

Heat flares in those green eyes of hers as she opens her mouth and takes me in. Her tongue makes all kinds of promises while she does as I’ve ordered. When she’s finished, she grips my neck to pull my ear down against her mouth. “I’m ready to get on my hands and knees now.”

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    Holy smokes I meed a cold shower, maybe 2. Wooo if the rest if this book is like this….. Im in trouble….

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