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Gunnar Excerpt Reveal

Gunnar is only one week away and I'm SO excited for you to read his story that I wanted to give you the opportunity to meet Gunnar and Chelsea before the release. Eeeeeeep! I hope you love this excerpt as much as I do.

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I never imagined the woman I’d fall in love with would be a princess, but here I am. Fucking whipped by a woman who looks like she stepped out of a fashion magazine, who drips in diamonds, and who keeps me coming back for more even when she’s being too fucking much for me to handle.

She’s a fucking badass princess, though.

Attitude might be her middle name, but fierce is her first, and fuck if that hasn’t grabbed my heart with some strong hands.

“Fuck, Mason,” she cries as she grinds her pussy down on my dick and grips my hair so hard she’s likely to pull it from my scalp. “I need it harder.”

She’s sitting in my lap, having planted herself there the second I arrived at her place after work. I’ve let her take charge. But if she wants it harder, I’m gonna need her on her back so I can get the job done.

Taking hold of her, I shift her onto her back and spread her legs. Roughly, just how she likes it. Finding her eyes, I growl, “Tell me.”

Her lips curl up into the sexy smile I would fucking die for. “I love you, Mason Blaise.”

I thrust my dick inside her. “Yeah, baby, you fucking do.”

She wraps her legs around me and brings her arms up so she can hold on. “Don’t go easy on me.”

I pull out and slam in again. “Babe, when your cunt is this wet for me, there aren’t any plans to go easy.” Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to. From the very first time I fucked Chelsea, I haven’t been able to hold myself back.

Her fingernails dig into my skin as her pussy squeezes my dick.

Fucking hell.

This woman was made for my destruction. I’m fucking sure of that. It’s a good thing I made her mine; I wouldn’t survive the carnage if she wasn’t.

I keep my eyes firmly on hers while I fuck her how she asked me to.

And I don’t go easy.

By the time she comes, I’ve fucked her so damn roughly and thoroughly that she’ll find it hard to walk out of here tomorrow.

“I really do love you,” she says afterwards as I pull out and roll onto my back. “But I really love that dick of yours.”

I pull her close so she’s resting her head on my shoulder. “Your mouth is getting filthier every day.”

She brings her hand to my jaw and angles my face down so she can kiss me. “Are you saying you don’t like it filthy?”

“No, so long as I’m the only one who hears that filth.” It’s fucking crazy to me how possessive I am of Chelsea. I’ve never been like this with a woman before.

She kisses me again, slow and deep. I feel the smile teasing her lips. When her eyes meet mine again, I see the pleasure she feels over my possessiveness. “You know you’re the only one who’ll ever hear that filth.”

“Good. Keep it that way.”

We turn silent for a beat while she traces lazy patterns on my chest. “I hate that it took us so long to get together, but I also think we wouldn’t have worked before now. It feels like this is exactly how we were meant to be.”

Chelsea talks my ear off non-stop about the universe and manifesting and shit. She’s big on believing in the timing of life. Me, not so much. I’m more about forcing shit to happen, but I’ll listen to her talk about this for the rest of my life so long as it means she’s by my side.

“Why wouldn’t we have worked out before now?”

She shifts onto her stomach so she can look up at me. “I was a hot mess before. I know I drive you crazy sometimes, but if we’d met before I got myself together, I don’t think you would have stuck around for long.”

“The words ‘hot mess’ don’t belong anywhere near you, Mayfair. I think this is one of those times where the way you see yourself isn’t accurate.” I’ve never met a woman with her shit together as well as Chelsea has hers, but every now and then she shows me her self-doubt, and it’s always over something she shouldn’t doubt about herself.

She smiles. “No, I really would have driven you away. I was needy and jealous in relationships, and unable to manage those feelings. With you, I’m better at it.”

I arch a brow. “Really?”

She smacks me. “Shut up. And trust me, I’m much better now.”

I laugh. Chelsea’s as possessive of me as I am of her. We’ve had a few fights over our insane jealousy. A few fights in three months is a ratio I can handle. “I wouldn’t take you any other way. The minute you’re not jealous of another woman or fucked off because I’ve said something insensitive, I know we’ve got a problem.” I’ve watched my mother disconnect from my father over the years, so I know the signs of a woman who’s no longer in love with her man. I’ll take needy and jealous over that shit any day.

Chelsea drops her lips to mine and kisses me again before changing the subject. “Are you free on Friday night? I want you to come to a party with me.”

I move onto my side, propping myself up onto my elbow. “You’re moving us into new territory.”

It’s a statement, but she knows it’s also a question. My family and club know about us, but we’ve kept our relationship away from her family these last three months. Chelsea’s father has made it more than clear he doesn’t want his daughter with me. My attendance at a party with her will gain his attention because it will gain the media’s attention. Her father is the premier of our state. Everything Chelsea does puts her in the spotlight, however turning up to a party with a member of the Storm MC will shine that shit brightly. I need to know she’s prepared for that before I agree. No fucking way am I throwing her to the wolves if I don’t think she’s ready.

She nods. “Yes, it’s time. I’m done with us hiding away like we’re doing something wrong.”

I glide my hand over the small of her back and rest it on her ass. “And you want to announce our relationship at this party?” I don’t know whose party she wants us to attend, but I know her world of privilege and wealth because it used to be mine too. I fucking hate everything these parties stand for. I’d rather splash this news around in other ways, but if this is what she wants, I’ll do it.

Wiggling so she can move closer to me, she says, “I know you walked away from this world, and I don’t expect you to come to every party I have to attend, but I need you by my side at this one.”

I hear something in her voice that causes me to pay closer attention to what she’s not saying. “You know I’ll do whatever you need, but why? What is it about this party?”

Hesitation is clear in her eyes as she considers my question. She’s slow to answer me, and when she does, I know why, and it pisses me off. “This is a huge fundraiser for Dad, and he’s got a lot of people watching him, seeing who’ll be at his side going into the next election.” She bites her lip. “He’ll also have Joe there. I haven’t wanted to tell you this, but he’s been pushing me harder the last two weeks over this. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but he seems more intent than he has been to make this marriage happen.” She grips my bicep. “He needs to know you and I are together.”

“Yeah, he fucking does,” I say as I jerk up off the bed. Anger and a feeling of intense possessiveness are strangling me just thinking about the fact Chelsea’s father is trying to marry her off to some fucking asshole who isn’t me. “And I’m more than happy to make sure he understands once and for fucking all that you’re mine and that he can’t control you anymore.”

“Mason,” Chelsea says, coming to me as I pace her bedroom. “I don’t need you to fight my battles for me. I just need you by my side.”

“You’ve got a plan to take care of your father this time?” The question crashes down between us, harsher than I intended. But fuck, Chelsea gutted me eight years ago when she ended our friendship because her father threatened to destroy me if she didn’t, so I need to know she won’t do that again.

Her face creases with regret as she reaches for me. “You know I was trying to save you last time. Please don’t let that always come between us.”

Fuck, she’s right. We’ve talked about this, and I promised her I’d let it go. We don’t have a chance in hell of making this work if I can’t do that.

I shove my fingers through my hair and suck in a deep breath before meeting her gaze and nodding. “Yeah,” I say gruffly. “I know, baby, but you’re gonna need to share your plan with me.” I fucking hate how desperate I feel, but Chelsea owns my heart like no one ever has; I refuse to lose her again.

Her eyes soften. She reads me better than anyone, so she knows the depth of my feelings. “I have a plan. I’m just waiting on some information to come through, and then I’ll share it. You just need to know that it’s enough to get my father to leave us alone.”

I look at the girl I’ve loved since we were kids and it hits me that while I’ve spent the last three months falling deeply into this relationship with her, I haven’t given her my complete trust. I realise there’s a part of me still holding back. That needs to end so we can move forward together.

Exhaling the breath I’ve been holding, I say, “Okay.”

“Okay as in you’re on board with me taking charge of this or okay as in you’re going to show up and try to bulldoze your way into getting what we want?”

I pull her to me and hold her tightly. “You know me too well, Mayfair.” I kiss her, taking my time because kissing Chelsea is never something to rush. When I finally let her lips go, I say, “We’ll try it your way, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll do it my way.” I’m almost certain this job will require force to get done, but I’ll give Chelsea the opportunity to try and get her father to see things her way. If he was a decent human being, he’d open his eyes to what his daughter wants, but Mark Novak is a piece of shit so I don’t see that happening.

“I love you,” she says, pulling my mouth back to hers.

I’ve got my hands all over her, ready to fuck her again, when my phone rings. “Fuck,” I grumble. “I need to get that in case it’s Scott.” My president gave me strict instructions this afternoon to ignore his calls at the risk of death. Apparently he’s heard rumblings of shit about to go down between the club and the cops. Fuck knows what for, but he seemed concerned, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Scott doesn’t worry over nothing.

Chelsea nods and I locate my phone. “Pres,” I answer the call when I see it is him. “What’s up?”

“I need you at the clubhouse ASAP. We’ve had three members arrested due to new legislation that’s just passed so we’ve got some shit to go over.”


“Yeah, that about fuckin’ covers it. Don’t take your time, Gunnar, and watch your fuckin’ back. These cops mean business.”

After the line goes dead, I look at Chelsea. “I have to go.”

She frowns. “Is everything okay?”

I pull on my clothes while my mind races, wondering what the hell is going on with the club. The last time I remember hearing Scott sound as concerned as he did on the phone was almost two years ago when all the shit went down with Rogue and Bourne. “No, but I don’t know why yet.” I grab my phone and keys before pulling her in for a kiss. “I’ll call you later.”

Chelsea follows me outside. I manage to keep my thoughts under control, but my gut is another story. It’s telling me shit is about to hit the fan in the worst possible way. And my gut is usually right.

It’s the flashing red and blue lights outside her house that tell me this time is no different. But it’s the sight of her father exiting his car that tells me this is more than just club business.

Two cops come my way and start spitting words at me. Words that signal my arrest, but that I have trouble focussing on because the only thing I can focus on is the smug smile plastered across Mark Novak’s face.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Chelsea demands, but I know from the fear in her eyes that she knows exactly what’s going on.

Her father knows about us and is going down a dangerous path in order to keep us apart.

The only thing I can fucking hope for now is that Chelsea doesn’t cave and give him what he wants.

“Dad! Tell me what you’ve done!” she begs as he stares at me like he’s won a fucking war.

It’s that look that does it.

And the hysterical plea in my woman’s voice.

History is repeating itself.

This time, though, I won’t survive it.

I’ve given my heart to Chelsea this time. Every last piece of it. If she does what he wants, there’s no way my body will ever accept it back.

“Chelsea.” I demand her attention. “Don’t do anything, baby. Not until you speak to me again.”

She stares at me in silence.

“Chelsea! Promise me you won’t let him fucking bully you into shit this time.” When she doesn’t respond, I bark, “Fucking promise me!”

She blinks, and it’s in that hesitation that I fucking know.

She’s going to fucking annihilate me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.



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He doesn’t do relationships. Neither does she. But they can’t fight the attraction any longer…

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Velvet Carr has spent years fighting her demons. It’s a fight she’s winning. That is, until Nash crashes his way into her life and into her heart.

It started out as a bit of harmless fun between friends; it wasn’t meant to get complicated for either of them. But when two broken souls come together and arouse unwanted feelings in each other, complicated is what happens.

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