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Ashton Scott Cover Reveal & Giveaway

OMG I finally finished writing Ashton Scott yesterday!! And he is my swooniest alpha to date! I mean, he still has his asshole ways, but the man knows how to look after his woman!

I looked it up, and I've been writing Ashton since April 2016. He started as a way for me to try to get out of a writing funk I was in. I was just playing with him really, and certainly never expected the book I've written. Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me. And if you've been waiting patiently (over 2 years, gah!) for the whole book to be written before you read it, I'm sorry I took so long! But I think you're gonna love Ashton as much as I do.

Here's the cover that I've been so excited to show you. I love it so much and hope you do too. I was so lucky to find a cover model who fit Ashton so perfectly!


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Hope you have a fantastic week!

Nina xx


Ashton Scott thinks everything is available for a price.

That is, until he meets Lorelei Winters.

She's going to teach him that not everything he craves can be bought.

Warning: Contains a panty-melting, suit-wearing alpha & a sassy woman who argues way too much with her man for his liking.

Full blurb to come.



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September 24th
Google Play & my website – for 2 days

** I am working to try to get Ashton up on iBooks, Nook & Kobo for the 24th, but at this time I'm not certain that will be possible with the time constraints I'm working with. This is why I will be publishing Ashton to my website for two days. We will work with all readers to ensure they are able to load Ashton to their device.**

September 26th
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I swallow hard.

I’m not sure I can do this.

I need more time to figure this out.

I’m not ready for this man.

“Why are your clothes still on?” His words are a demand that match the flare of command in his eyes.

My mouth is so dry.

I need water.

Oh, God, I need a lot of things. Number one is to get my head together.

When I don’t reply, he growls, “Lorelei. Clothes off. Now.”

“I’m not ready,” I blurt out and instantly feel the flush of embarrassment stain my cheeks. He’s going to think I’m some naïve little woman now. The last thing I want Ashton Scott to think of me.

“Yes, you are.” My words don’t even slow him. He just keeps on coming. “It would seem, though, that you need some encouragement.”

“Ashton, I’m more than ready for sex, but—”

Before I can stop him, he reaches his arms around me and unzips my dress. As he slides it down, he says, “I told you I would fuck any remaining hesitation out of you and that’s what I intend to do.” My dress drops to the floor. “So, stop talking and start doing what I say.”

I stare at him as I make a mental note to stop wearing dresses with zips when I’m with him. His eyes meet mine and his hands move to undo my bra. When my breasts are bare, I suck in a breath at the cool air. Or maybe it’s the way Ashton’s attention remains fixed on my face. Where any other man I’ve ever been with would be moving this forward, he’s finally stopped and appears to be waiting. For what, I’m not sure.

He looks so intent.

So driven to make this happen.

Without shifting his eyes from mine, he runs two fingers down the front of my panties. His thumb rubs my clit through the silky fabric and my back arches.

It feels so good.

I can do this.

I won’t allow him to consume me.

Pushing my reservations away, I reach for his tie. Once I’ve removed it, I slowly unbutton his shirt, revealing chiselled muscles unlike any I’ve ever seen.

His lips claim mine in a searing kiss as he steps closer, pressing his hard body up against mine. Strong arms circle me before he takes hold of my ass and pulls me in close.

His lips leave mine before he demands, “Do we have a problem?”

I frown. “With what?”

His intense eyes bore into mine. “With me burning my name into your memory forever.”

“We never had a problem with that, Ashton.”

His eyes continue to search mine for a few moments before dropping to rake over my body. He lets me go and removes his suit jacket before moving to the armchair in the corner of the room and leaving it there. He then finishes unbuttoning his shirt so he can deposit it on the chair also. When he stands in front of me again, his belt is undone.

I reach for his zip and our hands meet. His skin scorches mine and I lick my lips in anticipation. This man turns me on more than any man ever has.

I’m in over my head here.


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