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I’m not much of a talker, and this conversation has gone on long enough. I hold out my hand again. “Pass your keys.”

“I’m fine. I can drive myself home.”

“No, I told your mother I’d get you home.”

“Honestly, I’m—”

She has no intention of giving me the keys, so I lean across her and grab them out of the ignition myself. Not one of my best ideas. It put us too f@cking close.

Ignoring her protests, I exit the car and walk around to her side. Opening the door, I lift my chin at her. “Out. I’m driving.”

“How do you intend to get home?” she asks once she’s out of the car.

“I’ll walk.”

After one last long look at me, she walks around the car and gets in the other side. As we strap our seat belts in, she says, “I just added another tick in the ‘not an asshole’ column.”

I start the car and reverse it. “This is for your mother. I owe her.”

“Oh, so the debt is repaid now, is it?”

With my hand firmly on the gearstick, rather than on her leg where I’d prefer it, I nod. “You could say that.”

She faces me, placing one leg up on her seat and crossing it under her other leg. I glance sideways as she moves and catch an eyeful of cleavage. Gripping the gearstick harder, I face the road again.

“You can tell me all you like that this is for my mum, but I’m still adding that tick.” She reaches out and places her hand on my chest as she adds, “There’s something in here. I’m sure of it.”

Jesus f@ck.

Her touch is electric. It f@cking lights me up with desire in a way I can’t recall ever experiencing. I have to lay the f@cking law down with her.

Pulling the car to the side of the road, I find her eyes and say with some force, “Don’t mistake shit for something it’s not. There is something in here”—I jab my chest—“but I can assure you it’s blacker than you can ever imagine.”

The tension sitting between us swallows her words and the car is filled with silence. It’s a noisy f@cking silence, though, and with what I’m beginning to know about Zara, it won’t last long. “I don’t think I’m mistaking anything, Fury,” she says slowly. “Your heart might be black, but I’ve seen the patches of red. And I’ve also seen the way you look at me. You can’t deny you’re interested.”

“I look at you the way any man would look at you unless he’s gay or blind. As far as being interested, I’m interested in a lot of f@cking things, the least of which is touching something that’ll put me in hell.”


I'm so excited for you to finally meet Fury & Zara!! These two are FIRE together!

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