King & Lily Bonus Scene

Takes place after the end of King's Reign


I took one last drag on my smoke and then stubbed it out as I contemplated the fact I had to head down to Melbourne again. In the last month, I’d been away from home nineteen days. Days I didn’t want to be away from Lily and the kids. The only thing that put my mind at ease was that she’d finally stopped working and could rest. Her nausea and vomiting had eased, however her energy levels hadn’t picked up much. I didn’t like leaving her like this.

“I thought you said you’d try to quit from today.”

I turned at the sound of Lily’s voice. She exited the house to join me out on the back deck. I took note of the tone in her voice and her body language; she was in a mood and coming my way with the look of a woman ready for an argument.


After a long hard day handling club business, I knew I didn’t have the patience to deal with her pregnancy hormones tonight, especially if this was her choice of argument. She’d been on my case about giving up smoking for a couple of months. It was the last thing I wanted to think about right now.

Ignoring what she said, I asked, “Are the kids down?”

She moved next to me at the railing and scowled. “Don’t do that, King. Don’t ignore me when I say something to you.”

Scrubbing my face, I muttered, “Fuck, Lily, can we not get into this shit tonight? I just want one night without an argument with you.”

Her eyes widened. “I don’t argue with you every night. I just—”

“It sure fucking feels like it lately.”

“Well lately you’re hardly home, so I don’t know how it sure fucking feels like it.”

“Jesus, is that what this is about?”

“No, this is about you doing what you said you’d do.”

“I never fucking said I’d quit smoking. I said I’d think about it.”

“And let me guess, you’ve thought about it and—”

“Fucking hell,” I snapped, “Enough! I didn’t come home from a shitty fucking day so I could cop more shit from you.”

Her eyes flashed with anger. “You should go back to the clubhouse then.” With that, she pushed off from the railing and stalked towards the door to go back inside.

I stalked after her, my own anger flaring, ready to lash out. Grabbing her arm, I yanked her to me. Eyes glued to hers, I growled, “No fucking way am I going back to the clubhouse. I’m leaving first thing in the morning for Melbourne and I have no clue when I’ll be home, so this is not a night for me to be away from you. I don’t fucking care if I have to carry you kicking and screaming to bed, you will be sleeping right fucking next to me tonight.”

She slapped me away, fighting me in a way she didn’t usually do. Lily often got worked up, but not this much. When I caught her wrists in an effort to stop her, and pulled her into my embrace, she lost her shit completely. “King! Let me go! I’m not in the mood for your bossy asshole shit tonight. I’m just here trying to look out for your health, but honestly I don’t know why I bother because you don’t seem to give one shit about it. You want to bring children into the world, but you don’t care enough to do everything in your power to ensure you live as long as you can for us.”

I tightened my grip on her instead of loosening it. My temper was close to breaking point, and while I worked hard to keep it from spilling over, I wasn’t gentle with the way I held her. “Are you fucking finished?” I demanded.

She jerked in my hold, a storm of fury and passion. “No I’m not fucking finished! I hate nagging you. Like, I really fucking hate being that woman, but I’ve had four years with you and they’ve been the best four years of my life, so I don’t want you to die anytime soon. That’s why I’ll keep freaking nagging you about this. And you can keep being the same old King you’ve always been when it comes to our arguments, pushing and bossing your way into whatever you want, but I’m not ever going to stop fighting you on this.”

The anger coursing through my veins collided with the kind of urgent and fierce need only Lily caused in me. It was like a violent wave of it crashed into me, leaving me unable to stop myself from taking what I wanted.

Letting go of her wrists, I gripped her face. “I’m not fucking dying anytime soon,” I rasped right before my lips smashed down onto hers.

Fuck she was fire. Hot burning fire. And she was exactly what I craved even if it didn’t fucking feel like it when she fought me.

She kissed me back, completely consumed by the kiss, but not for long. Her hands came to my chest and she pushed me away as she dragged her mouth from mine. When she spoke, her fire still raged hot. “I want to talk about this, King, not screw our way into getting distracted from it.”

I hooked my arm around her waist and pulling her tight against my body again. Wrapping my free hand around her neck, I growled, “You wanted a fight and now you’ve got your fight, but we’re gonna do it my way.”

Her breath quickened as desire blazed in her eyes. I was right; this was exactly what she wanted.

Backing her against the railing, I kissed her again. This time, she didn’t challenge me on it. This time, she gave me back what I gave her—heat and fury and raw fucking need. We abandoned ourselves to the lust, ripping each other’s clothes off and clawing for more of everything we had to have right fucking then.

When I finally pulled my lips from hers, I met her gaze. “I’m a fucking asshole, Lily, but I do my best not to get into shit with you when I know it’s your hormones—”

“Don’t blame this on my hormones,” she snapped. “This isn’t because of them.”

I spun her around to face the railing and trapped her in front of me so she couldn’t go anywhere. Taking a handful of her hair, I pulled her head back and bent my mouth to her ear. At the same time, I reached for her cunt. She was wet. Ready for me. Pushing two fingers inside, I said, “You can’t fucking tell me you didn’t come out here looking to get into something with me. This is what you’ve been doing lately and I’ve been fucking tiptoeing around it. I’ve made allowances for your pregnancy but I’m not doing that anymore. You come looking for a fight in future, you’ll get a fight. We clear?”

She moaned as I worked my fingers inside her, but she continued to argue with me. Wrapping her hand around my forearm, she dug her fingers into my skin and said, “I didn’t—”

I pulled her hair, jerking her head back more and cutting her off. As I grazed her neck with my teeth, I said, “The answer is yes.” My tone was dark. Warning. Before we were done here, she would understand where we stood. “We’re equals, Lily. You come at me, I’ll give it right back to you.”

She let go of my arm and pushed it away. She then spun back around to face me, those beautiful eyes of hers full of wild angry energy and heat. Taking hold of my face, she kissed the hell out of me before raging at me, “Fine! But if we’re equals, I’m giving all your shit back to you, too. You wanna come at me with that bossy bullshit of yours, you should expect it right back. We clear?”

Jesus fucking hell, she really was worked up tonight. And that only worked my dick up more. I was hard as fuck now.

Before she knew what was happening, I lifted her and carried her to the table. I bent her over it and wrapped one hand around her neck holding her down while I thrust hard into her.

“Fuck,” I roared. Fuck. I was going to need a few hours with her tonight to get my fill. I knew she’d need just as long to work her shit out.

Her moans filled the night air as I pounded into her. Lily might have been pregnant but that didn’t stop me fucking her the way I always had. Not yet anyway. As she got closer to her due date, I’d tone it down, but she wanted it like this just as fucking much as I did.

It didn’t take either of us long to come, and when we were done, I bent over her and said forcefully, “We’re clear.”

We both stood and she caught my lips in a kiss, fingers stabbing into my waist where she held me. When she was done, she said, “I love you, but goddam it’s hard some days.”

My eyes ran down her body, appreciating the hell out of every curve and all her beauty. The sight of her baby bump caused my gut to tighten, and her earlier words came back to me. Meeting her gaze again, I said, “I’ll work on cutting back.” Fuck knew, I wasn’t sure how with all the stress I was under, but for her and the kids, I’d try.

A small smile settled on her face. “Really?”

I kissed her roughly before saying, “This discussion is done. Forever.”

That smile of hers stretched a little and she nodded. She fucking knew she’d won this battle. It mightn’t be for months or maybe longer, but she’d won. “We’re clear.”

I jerked my chin towards the door. “Inside. I’ve got plans for the rest of the night.” Plans that included shutting the world out and getting lost in my woman. She could fight me as much as she wanted; I was never going anywhere. This was right where I was meant to be.


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