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Thank you so much for reading the Sydney Storm MC books! I hope you're loving them as much as I love writing them.

I'm going to load these bonus chapters into an ebook and load it to this page, so check back in a day or so if you want to download a copy to keep! I've included a series reading order with the bonus scenes listed so that you know where they slot in.

Let me know what you think!!

Nina xx

PS If you're on Facebook and wanna come chat all things Hyde after reading his book, join us here. NOTE: There are spoilers in this group!


EDITED TO ADD: Here's the link to the ebook I created with the bonus chapters in it. 

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King Bonus Chapters

Reading Order For This Series including bonus chapters:


Nitro's Torment

Xmas Bonus Scene

Devil's Vengeance

King Bonus Scene 1

Hyde's Absolution

King Bonus Scene 2



Tightening my grip on the glass of rum I held to my mouth, I drained the last drop of alcohol as I watched Jen make her way towards me. The anger that had worked its way deep into my bones over her betrayal flared like fucking fireworks—loud, bright and fucking overwhelming. But then, this dance of anger and forgiveness wasn’t new to us. Throughout the five years we’d been together, we’d fucking danced that tango almost daily. It had fuelled our relationship. Until it didn’t, and we were left with wounds we’d never recover from, and a whole lot of fucking regret.

“You finally came home,” she murmured as she inched closer to me.

I dropped my gaze to watch her close the distance between us, knowing her next move before she even made it. To most people, Jen was an unpredictable mess of chaos and bad decisions, but not to me. Probably because I lived and breathed chaos myself.

Pressing my hand against her stomach to stop her, I clenched my jaw and bit out, “You’re not gonna like what I have to say.”

She didn’t surprise me when she ignored my warning. Pushing my hand away from her stomach, she took the last step she needed to ensure our bodies touched. When she responded to what I’d said, her voice held a smoky promise. “It wasn’t what you said that kept me around for five years, King. It was always what you did that held me captive.”

My eyes closed for a moment while I waited for her to take hold of my dick. This was all classic Jen. On the other hand, me allowing her to make her move was not my signature style. But then, this whole fucking situation was unlike any I’d ever been in before. And it was fucking with my head in ways I barely fucking comprehended.

Her warm breath fanned across my cheek as she moved her mouth to whisper in my ear while she slid her hand into my jeans. “You can tell me to leave all you like, or try to kick me out, but we both know that you and I have something special. Something that you’re powerless to walk away fr—”

Rage swam in my eyes as I squeezed my hand around her throat and pushed her face away from mine. My breaths pumped furiously from me, and we stood staring at each other in silence, her eyes wide with shock. “What we fucking have, Jen, is something as far as fucking possible from special as you can get.”

She attempted to pry my fingers from her throat, her efforts growing desperate when she realised I had no intention of loosening my grip. Sucking in the little breath I granted her, she begged, “King!”

Our relationship flashed through my mind, just like it had for the past few days while I’d contemplated the path forward. Her actions and disloyalty had carved the kind of hole in me that could never be patched or filled or fucking healed. This wasn’t something that could ever be fixed. In one night, she’d managed to wipe five years worth of trust and love.

I walked her backwards and shoved her against the wall, finally letting her throat go. Ignoring her gasps for breath, I said, “I came home to tell you that you can stay here for the rest of your pregnancy if you need to. After the baby is born, you get your shit together and find your feet, and then I want you the fuck out of here and out of my life.”

The way her body froze told me she hadn’t expected that. Her strangled words confirmed it. “After everything we’ve been through, that’s how you’re going to end this?”

I tracked the tears falling down her cheeks before meeting her gaze again. “The tears don’t fucking suit you, Jen. And they sure as hell won’t make me change my mind. You should know that by now.”

Her face twisted into an angry scowl as she scrubbed her tears away. “I can’t fucking believe you! Five years ago, I cheated on you and you hardly blinked an eye. But for this you never want to see me again?”

I rubbed my hand over my face. Rehashing the past wasn’t something I saw any point in, but she was forcing me there. “We both know why you cheated.”

She moved her face closer to mine. The crazed glint in her eyes gave me a clear indication that this conversation wasn’t going to end anywhere good. “Go on, King, tell me why I cheated. I want to hear the words from your lips.”

If she were anyone else, pushing me like this, I’d put a fucking knife to her throat. My guilt over the shit I’d put her through stopped me from doing that. Instead, I worked hard to keep my temper in check. That, and the fact there was a child’s life at stake here. “Jen,” I cautioned her, my voice a low rumble. “Step the fuck back and think about what you say to me before you fucking say it.”

“No. Tell me,” she pressed, playing a dangerous game she knew all too well.

We were fucking swimming in heat and a toxic level of hatred and bitterness. A lethal combination. I took a deep breath as I did my best to ignore the way my clothes clung to my body. It was suffocating, but nowhere near as suffocating as Jen’s insistence to dredge this crap up. “You do not want to go down this path. Not with me. Not tonight.” With that, I stepped away from her and turned to make my way back to the bottle of rum sitting on the kitchen counter.

“You don’t want to talk about your precious Ivy? Of course you don’t. You never do, because you fucked her up more than you fucked me up, and you never want to think about that, do you?”

Her words were like venom spilling all over the place, infecting everything they touched. Unfortunately, they were the trigger that unleashed my anger in waves that could never be contained.

“There’s a lot of fucking things I never wanna think about, but that shit? I think about it every fucking day of my life,” I bellowed as I spun around and stalked back her way. With one swift motion, I had her pinned to the wall again. She recoiled as my fury thundered out of me. “I can’t fucking escape it, because it’s buried so fucking deep inside of me that I couldn’t rid myself of it even if I tried. You think I didn’t love you, but you have no clue what love is. You don’t know what it looks like, tastes like or smells like, and you sure as fuck don’t understand how to give it. So don’t fucking come in here and throw accusations around that you have no business even thinking about.”

Wild energy engulfed us as we each dealt with the situation in our own way. My breaths came hard and fast while I watched and waited for her response.

“I hate you,” she spat. “I hate that you still don’t see me for everything I am and for everything I could give you. I hate you for thinking I don’t love you, when all I ever fucking wanted was to love you. I was a naïve teenager when you dragged me into your world, and I fucking adored you. We could have had the world, King, but no, you were so fucking hung up on her. You couldn’t see straight because of her, and you still can’t. Well, fuck you. I don’t fucking want you anymore. I deserve better than you.”

“I fucking see you, Jen. And I don’t like what I see. And I sure as fuck don’t like what I now know about you.”

Everything about her screamed hatred, from her ugly glare to the hard set of her shoulders. But for one quick moment, disappointment flashed across her face as my words dealt a blow. “I thought that you might be able to dig deep and find a way to forgive me. But no, you’ve proven once again what a cold and heartless bastard you really are. I made a mistake, King. A fucking mistake that I wish I could go back and change.”

“That’s the thing about mistakes, Jen. You can’t go back, and you can’t undo them.” I sucked in a long breath. “And the thing I’ve learnt is to never fucking forgive them.” Turning, I strode to the counter, grabbed the bottle of rum and threw over my shoulder, “Don’t ever fucking mention us getting back together again because that shit is never going to happen.” Without a backwards glance, I exited the kitchen and then the house. The murderous energy consuming me was demanding an out, and I knew I had to get the fuck out of there before the blinding rage took over and I did something I had no control over.




“I’m not sure why you think coming to my home so late at night is a good thing,” Kree muttered after she opened her front door to me an hour later.

“It fucking beats me, too. But you calm me,” I said as I ignored the scowl she gave me and entered her house.

“Yeah, well maybe you could text me first. That way I could have your favourite chair and a drink ready for you by the time you arrive,” she grumbled sarcastically, following me into her kitchen.

Facing her, I held up the bottle of rum I’d brought with me. “No need, I brought my own,” I threw back, waiting for her comeback. If there was one thing I’d learnt about Kree on my four visits to her place over the last couple of weeks it was that she was fast and liked to give as good as she got. It was probably the reason why I kept coming back—she was a breath of fucking fresh air.

Lifting her brows, she said, “So thoughtful. I’ll find you a glass before I get your chair ready, shall I?”

Moving to the cupboard where I knew she kept her glasses, I said, “Sit. I can pour my own damn drink, and besides, you look like hell, woman. Like you could do with a drink, too.”

“Just what every woman wants to hear, King.”

I poured our drinks while watching her take a seat at the table. Narrowing my eyes at her, I said, “Are you fucking eating? You look like skin and bones.”

She sat cross-legged on her seat and scooped her hair into a messy bun while hitting me with a dirty look. Everything about those moves only accentuated how thin she was. “You know, just because you gave me some money doesn’t mean you can show up here any time you want. It also doesn’t mean you should feel encouraged to comment on my weight or my looks or any part of my life.”

I screwed the cap back on the rum bottle and passed her drink over. I took a long sip of mine and eyed her over the rim of the glass. “The cash is long forgotten, Kree. My concern for you is not. Do you need more money?”

“God no!” Her eyes widened as the words flew out of her mouth. She then downed half her drink, pulling a face as it burned. “Fuck,” she muttered, staring at the drink like she was remembering something. When her eyes found mine again, she said, “I’d forgotten how fucking awful rum is.”

A smile briefly touched my lips. Kree intrigued me because she was different to most women I met. She was a mix of feisty, brave, tough and soft, as well as a contradiction of wise and naïve. And as far as I’d figured out, she wasn’t after cash, sex or help, which was unusual in my experience.

Taking a seat at the table, I stretched my legs out in front of me while almost draining my glass. When I didn’t say anything, she said, “Now that you’ve told me how I look, do you wanna know how you look?”

I shook my head. “No.” But I knew she would tell me anyway.

Placing her half-finished drink on the table, she leant forward. “You look like you just went a round with one of your worst enemies. Without the wounds, that is.” She paused for a moment. “Did you come here to talk about that, King?”

I exhaled hard and scrubbed my face. “I don’t know why the fuck I came here except like I said, you calm me, and I need some fucking calming right about now.”

She held my gaze like I imagined she would with her kids when she was about to tell them something important. “You don’t say much when you come here, but you say enough for me to know you need to talk. To be completely honest, I don’t want to be the person you talk to, because quite frankly the last thing I want to know is the shit you’ve got going on in your head. But, it’s late and I’m ready for a shower and bed, so if you need to talk, can you hurry it along?”

I stared at her for a long beat before skimming my gaze over her body. She wore tiny shorts that showed off her long tanned legs, and a tight red tank top that was glued to her tits. I hadn’t been kidding when I told her she looked like skin and bones, but even that couldn’t hide her beauty. The thing about Kree, though, was that her mind interested me more than her body.

Shifting in my seat, I rested my elbows on my knees. “I didn’t come here to talk.”

She watched me quietly for a moment before saying, “I’m not fucking you, if that’s what you’re after.”

My mouth spread out into a smile, and the tension coursing through my body eased a little. Fuck knew how she did it, but every fucking time, without fail, she managed to help me get my shit under control. Standing, I said, “If I wanted to fuck you, Kree, you’d know. And trust me, we wouldn’t still be sitting here fucking talking about it.” I lifted my chin at her. “Go take your shower. I’ll see myself out.”

I didn’t wait for her reply. I simply left the way I came in. Minus the desire to take a knife to Jen’s throat.



I stood rooted to the spot staring at the woman who had haunted my dreams for over a decade. Hell, she’d haunted them even when we were together. Ivy wasn’t a woman you simply forgot, not even in your sleep while she lay next to you.

I’d never wanted to forget her.

Nor had I tried.

I’d welcomed the raging torrent of memories, even on the days they almost strangled the breath from me.

“Hello, King. It’s been a long time.”

I’d stopped counting the days years ago. The years, however, sat between us, a harsh reminder of the choices I’d made. Choices she knew nothing of.

She watched me closely. When I found no words, because she’d caught me completely fucking off guard, she spoke again. “Are you going to say anything?”

The room had swallowed me. Consumed every thought I had. Jen’s death—her baby’s death—vanished from my mind. The only thing I could think about was how I needed to be closer to Ivy.

I took a step towards her. “You look well.”

Ivy would be thirty-eight soon. She looked all of thirty. The beauty she wore today was a far cry from the ravaged beauty she’d walked out of my life wearing. I’d never forgiven myself for breaking her.

“Looks can be deceiving.”

My mouth turned dry, and I had difficulty fucking swallowing. “What’s going on, Ivy? Are you not well?” What the fuck did she mean by that? Was she not fucking well? My mind raced with the possibilities of what could be wrong. The thoughts flying at me, though, became one big fucking jumbled mess.

Nothing fucking made sense right now.

Why the fuck was she here?

“Nothing that would ever concern you,” she snapped. “But I didn’t come here to talk to you about that.”

I restrained the frustration she caused. Ivy always had liked to stretch me to breaking point. “Ivy,” I warned. “I asked you a question.”

The dull tone disappeared from her eyes. Resentment slashed the air between us as her hostility towards me roared to life. “You gave up that right a long time ago, King.”


Ivy was the lightning to my thunder. When she sparked, I rumbled. And she had just fucking sparked. The raging storm inside me exploded out. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “Answer me!” I needed to fucking know that she was okay.

She moved close to me, our bodies unbearably close. Her eyes were so cold. The only time I remembered her looking at me with these dead eyes was the day I told her to get out of my life. “You don’t get to demand answers from me, King, so don’t fucking ask them! Now, if you want me to tell you what I know about the shit going down with your club, have Hyde take his gun off me.”

“I’m fucking confused here, Ivy. You came here, knowing we’d be here? And what the fuck are you doing in the attic?” She would at least answer those questions before I made my next move.

“Yes, I organised this meeting. This is a house I own. And I waited up here because I didn’t want all of your men pointing their guns at me.”

More confusion snaked through my mind. It made no fucking sense for her to have organised this meeting. “Put the gun down, Hyde.”

“You sure about that, brother?”

“Yes,” I barked, not removing my eyes from Ivy. I didn’t believe she would have a gun, but I wouldn’t have believed she could have anything to do with the shit Storm was in, either, so it was best to take precautions. Watching her closely was the only one available to me at the moment. I knew she wouldn’t talk until Hyde did what she wanted. Stubbornness was a classic Ivy trait.

“Fuck,” Hyde muttered as he lowered the gun.

Ivy glanced at him before giving me her full attention once she was satisfied. “There’s an attack coming. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I’ve heard him talk about it for weeks. And it won’t be just on your club, it’ll be on your families, too. He wants them all dead.” She stopped to take a breath. “He wants to wipe everyone and everything you care about off the face of the earth. And I believe he could do it.”


My jaw clenched. “Who? I demanded. “Who the fuck are you talking about? And why?”

Her hard eyes refused to let me look away. “My husband. You took what was his, so now he wants to take what is yours.”

Understanding smashed into me. But this puzzle was still a long fucking way off being solved.

“Fuck! Tony is the one behind all this?”

Hyde moved closer to Ivy, anger clouding his face. “What the fuck did King take?”

She looked at Hyde. “He took me.”

I drew a long breath and then slowly released it. “How the fuck did I take you?”

I hadn’t had any contact with Ivy since the day she walked out of our house. This bullshit that her husband was carrying on about enraged me. Fuck, he’d killed a fucking unborn child today because of it.

Ivy’s eyes came to mine again. “You didn’t, but he thinks you did. He thinks I’m leaving him because I never stopped loving you.”

My chest tightened as my mind went into overdrive in an attempt to keep up with the thoughts rapidly firing in my head. I might have broken Ivy when I told her to go, but living without her had completely annihilated me.

I met Ivy when I was eleven.

I promised her forever when I was twenty.

I fucked it all up when I was twenty-four.

“Is that true?” I demanded.

I didn’t want to know, but fuck, I needed to know.

She stared at me.

Didn’t answer my question.

And then she blinked. “No.”

Her lie blazed between us.

It was in her blink.

Ivy always blinked when she lied.


We could never repeat our history.


It would fucking kill us both.









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