J and Madison Friends to Lovers One

I flopped down onto the couch in the clubhouse bar. It had been a long morning with my mother, helping her do some cleaning at the clubhouse. We’d finished up about half an hour ago and I was waiting for her to do a couple of other things before she could drive me home. My car was at the mechanics today being serviced so I was relying on her for a lift back there to collect it. I pulled my book out of my bag and flipped to the page I was up to. It was the latest Jackie Collins book and I needed to know what happened to the asshole who was cheating on his wife. Damn, nobody wrote a book as well as Jackie did.

I don’t know how long I’d been engrossed in the book when I heard a voice say, “So, it’s your birthday tomorrow. What are you doing to celebrate?”

I glanced up to find J looking down at me. He’d just gotten back from a ride and was all sweaty but I didn’t mind; the smell of sweat mixed with the sandalwood scent he wore kind of drove me wild. On days like today, when he looked rough and ready after a ride, it was hard being only friends with him. I wanted more. However, I valued our friendship of nearly six years and didn’t want to risk losing it by taking a chance on something I knew wouldn’t lead anywhere. J wasn’t the kind of guy to settle down with anyone. He’d had a couple of girlfriends over the years but they never seemed to last long; six months was the longest I think I’d ever seen him with someone. Our friendship on the other hand, had lasted the distance.

He nudged my leg with his boot. “You going to answer me or are you going to keep daydreaming?”

“Shit, sorry,” I muttered as I jumped up. Thank goodness he couldn’t read my mind; that would have been awkward. “I’m going out to Hydes tonight, with some friends. Scott’s going to be there; do you want to come too?” I tried to ignore my desperate desire for him to say yes. Actually, it would probably be better if he said no because if he did come, things could get messy if I threw myself at him after a couple of drinks.

He smiled. “Sure, count me in. I’ve got some things to do but I’ll be there later on.”

My heart skipped a beat and the butterflies in my stomach went into overdrive. “Great.” Shit, was that the best I could do? Great? Lately, I was like a bloody school girl when I was around J; the things that came out of my mouth were embarrassing. 

J smirked and I watched as his eyes dropped to my chest that was covered by the tightest tank top known to man. It was a bloody hot day today so I was wearing very little clothing, and right about now, I was secretly thankful for that. I liked him looking at me this way. His eyes lingered on my chest for awhile before continuing their path down my body to my legs that were bare thanks to the short denim shorts I was wearing. The sensations this caused in me were like nothing I’d ever experienced. Sure, I’d had a number of boyfriends and wasn't a virgin anymore, but there was something about J; he made me feel things that both excited and terrified me.

His eyes finally found their way back to mine and he murmured, “Wouldn’t miss it, sweetheart.”

There was something in the way he spoke that caused me to stop and soak in his words. He hadn’t said it in the way a friend would say it; there’d been more to his words than that. I tilted my head and gazed up at him. He was watching me closely; his eyes were focused solely on mine now, not on my body. They burned into mine with an intensity that thrilled me. The world around me stopped and my attention was solely on J in that moment. Finally, I said softly, “Good, I’m glad you can make it.”

We stood staring at each other for a moment longer before my father interrupted us. “J, you got a minute?” he called out from the hallway.

J turned and nodded at him. “Be there in a minute,” he said and then turned back to me. “I’ll see you tonight,” he promised.

I watched him go; still stunned at the turn that conversation had taken. And shit, now I had to rethink my whole outfit for tonight; if J was coming, I had to rethink everything.



Eight hours later, I was happily tipsy. Okay, maybe I was a little more than tipsy but I wasn’t drunk. And J still hadn’t turned up. I’d been waiting for him all night but when he still hadn’t shown up an hour ago, I’d decided he wasn’t coming and had thrown myself into having a good time with my friends who had come and forgetting him; forgetting my extreme disappointment that he’d not come. I was stumbling out of the ladies room when a strong arm curled around my waist and held me up; held me close to him. “Babe, how much have you had to drink?” he breathed into my ear. 

J had finally arrived. His breath on my skin sent shivers through me and I instinctually leaned into him; the need to get closer was overwhelming. 

“A little bit,” I replied.

He chuckled. “Looks like a lot more than a little.”

I shrugged. “I was waiting for you and you didn’t come so I passed the time another way.” Somewhere in the back of my fuzzy mind, I was kicking myself for admitting that to him.  

He froze and turned me slightly so that we were facing each other, his hand still gripping my waist. “Fuck, Madison,” he muttered, his eyes searching mine. “You want this as much as I do, don’t you?”

Now I was really confused. “Want what?” I asked.

“Jesus, you’ve got to know by now that I want you in my bed. I didn’t know how you felt; you’ve always given me mixed signals but now I can see that you want it too.”

Shit, this was not good. I shook my head. “No, J. It’s not a good idea. I just want to stay friends with you and that won’t happen if I sleep with you.”

“Don’t bullshit me, babe. You want this. It’s fucking written across your face.” He moved his hand from my waist to my ass, gripping it and pulling me to him. Leaning his face closer to mine, he murmured, “Your pussy’s wet for me, isn’t it?”

I knew I was done for in that instant. My desire for him, mixed with the alcohol in my system, collided, and all rational thought flew out the window. Unable to hold it in, I moaned. J caught it and that was enough for him; his lips smashed down onto mine and we began the dance of lust that could only lead to one place. His hands were all over my ass and then one hand moved around to my breast. As his fingers brushed over my nipple, I moved my hands to his ass and pulled him into me. His cock was hard against me and it felt so damn good.

He ended our kiss and pulled away from me slightly. “Christ, I need to get you out of here.”

I nodded, and looked around for my friends. If we were leaving, I needed to say goodbye to them. J grabbed my hand and started to walk towards the door to leave. I pulled on his hand to stop him and he turned to look at me. “What?” he asked, reluctantly stopping.

“I need to tell my friends that I’m leaving.”

Frustration crossed his face. “Really?” he asked, impatiently. “Can’t you just text them? Cause I’ve gotta tell you, my dick’s been hard for you for a long fucking time and I don’t want to waste time fucking about looking for your friends.”

Whoa. He was bossy, and damn, it turned me on even more. But I wasn’t the kind of person to ditch a friend on a night out without telling them I was safe. “No, I can’t just text them. I’ve got to at least find Bec and tell her where I’m going.”

He let go of my hand and ran his fingers through his hair. “Okay, but make it quick, babe. I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve never been this hard for any other woman.”

I almost tripped over when he uttered those words. Confusion crowded my mind; how had I missed the fact that J wanted me as much as I wanted him? And just what did he want? One night? Or something more permanent? I realised in that moment, I didn’t care; I wanted tonight with him and tomorrow we could sort out the rest. I just hoped that with whatever happened, we would remain friends because I valued the friendship we’d built over the years; J meant more to me than most of my girlfriends and I didn’t want to lose that. Friends could have sex. Couldn’t they?

to be continued...


Part 2

We pulled up outside J’s house and I got off his bike and stood silently watching him. I was nervous and it was unlike me. J and I had been friends for six years now, good friends, and for me to suddenly have knots in my stomach and feel speechless around him was disconcerting. 

He stayed on his bike, slowly removed his helmet and looked at me. “What’s wrong, babe?”

“What are we doing?” I asked softly, the passion I’d felt at the club had given way to nerves now.  

He cocked his head to the side. “I thought we’d agreed on that already.”

I nodded. “We had but -“

He cut me off, his voice laced with frustration, “But what, Madison? It’s a no brainer for me. I want you and you want me. What’s there to think about?”

“Everything. There’s everything to think about. You’re one of my best friends and I don’t want to lose that.”

“Why would we lose that?” The confusion was clear on his face.

I sighed; why did men have to be so clueless? “So we have sex tonight. What happens tomorrow? Will it be awkward between us or do you think we can just go back to being what we were before tonight?”

“Fuck. Why do chicks have to fucking over analyse shit? Why can’t we just have tonight and go from there?” He got off his bike and walked towards me but I took a step back. He’d annoyed me now with his attitude towards this. When I stepped back, he stopped and shook his head. “So that’s it? You’ve changed your mind?”

“Well, I had hoped that we could discuss it a little more but you don’t seem to want to do that.”

“Babe, I seriously just want to get you inside and get your fucking clothes off. As far as I’m concerned that’s all the discussion that we need to make this happen.”

“Yeah, well I think that you and I are talking about two different things now, J. You seem to just want a quick fuck and I’m more interested to know what happens beyond that quick fuck.” Disappointment settled in; I’d thought he wanted more but it looked like I was wrong. This was why you didn’t contemplate having sex with your male friends.

His phone rang and he scowled. Answering it, he barked, “I’m in the middle of something. What’s up?” His eyes did not leave mine. I stood waiting for him to finish his conversation; the intensity of his glare stirring up the butterflies in my stomach. That glare was a mixture of heat, desire, frustration, annoyance and so much more. I felt the exact same things that he was projecting. However, in that moment, my annoyance at his attitude outweighed my desire to be with him. He ended his call and put his phone back in his pocket. “I’ve got to be at the clubhouse in an hour. Are we going to do this or not?”

Un-fucking-believable. “I can’t believe you just said that. No, we’re not doing this,” I snapped, and reached into my bag to get my phone out.

He stepped into my space and placed his hand over mine, stopping me. “I’m not sure what the fuck happened in your mind between the club and here. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to fuck about so I’ll just take you home, but this is a conversation that needs to be finished at some point.”

I shook my head. “No, I’ll find my own way home, and this is not a conversation that needs to be revisited. You’ve made your intentions pretty clear.”

His nostrils flared and his breathing grew ragged. “I’m taking you home, Madison.” He made his way back to his bike and tried to pass me the helmet. “Put this on and get on the bike.”

My eyes widened. I wasn’t used to J talking to me like this. Ignoring him, I scrolled through my phone looking for the phone number of my only friend who hadn’t been out drinking with me tonight; hopefully she’d be able to come and pick me up. I finally found her number and hit dial, returning the glare that J was sending my way. She finally answered her call and agreed to come and get me.

J folded his arms across his chest and planted his feet wide. He was angry now and didn’t hold back. “Why the fuck couldn’t you just let me take you home?”

“Because you’re being a prick and I don’t want to be anywhere near you,” I threw back.

“So now I’ve got to wait here until your friend arrives. Would have been a lot easier to do it my way.”

“No-one’s asking you to stay!”

“Jesus, Madison. As if I’d fucking leave you alone at this time of the night.”

I was exasperated. On the one hand, I wanted to punch him, but on the other hand I wanted to rip his clothes off and screw him. The next ten minutes were ten of the longest minutes in my life. We didn’t speak while we waited for Sally to come and get me. Instead, J paced and threw me a foul look every now and then. I sank further into my disappointment. When she pulled up, I quickly got in her car without a backwards glance at J. I could feel his angry eyes on me though. I must have been out of my mind to think that he and I could take our friendship further.  


 I woke up on my birthday and felt like shit. Not only did I have a headache from the slight hangover I had, but I felt ill over what had happened with J last night. Luckily I hadn’t planned anything special; it meant that I could pretty much just keep to myself. And so it was that I spent most of the day at home, reading and eating junk food. I wallowed in my heartbreak, because it was true, I was heartbroken that not only did I screw up a chance at a relationship with J but I’d probably screwed up our friendship too. He never called or came by but at three o’clock that afternoon, I heard the rumble of a bike outside. Figuring it was Scott, I ignored it, stuck my headphones in and went back to my book. I didn’t want to see anyone. A couple of minutes later, my headphones were ripped out of my ears and J stood in my bedroom, staring down at me. I couldn’t pick his mood. He seemed mildly annoyed but at the same time, he had a soft look in his eyes.

I moved off the bed so I was face to face with him. “What are you doing here, J?”

“Came to say happy birthday.” His voice was soft. It did things to me and I mentally cursed him; it wasn’t fair that he could make me feel this way when I was so upset with him.


His eyes scanned my face. I wasn’t sure what he was looking for but I figured he hadn’t found it when he muttered, “Fuck. This isn’t going to be easy, is it?”

Good God, he confused the shit out of me. “What isn’t going to be easy?”

His chest rose and fell in a heavy movement. “Us.”

“What, our friendship?” I really wished we were doing this on any other day than today. Today I wasn’t feeling the best so I was struggling to keep up with him.

A look crossed his face and then he appeared to settle something in his mind. He grabbed my hand and began walking us out of the bedroom.

“Where are we going?” I asked while trying to slow him down by pulling back. It was futile though; he just kept powering through the house and out the front door. 

He let go of my hand once we were outside so that he could lock the front door.

“Where did you get a key for my house?” I had no clue that he had that key.

“Scott gave it to me. We’ve both got one in case you ever needed us.” He said that like it was the most normal thing in the world. As far as I was concerned, it wasn’t. 

“I want that key back. And Scott’s too. You guys don’t need to worry about me.”

His amused eyes landed on mine and he shook his head. “Not going to happen, babe.” Before I could say anything else, he grabbed my hand again and directed us to his bike. He handed me a helmet and indicated for me to put it on. 

Again, I argued. “Tell me where we’re going.”

“Got a place I want to show you.” He pointed at the helmet and then the bike. “Put it on and get on the bike.”

I assessed the situation and decided it was just going to be easier to do what he said, so I did. Moments later his bike roared to life and we took off. I held onto him tightly and eventually relaxed. Having grown up around bikes my whole life, I loved being on the back of one. And being on the back of J’s, with my arms wrapped around him, felt amazing. Exhilarating. It felt like I was home, and I had no idea where that thought came from, but it was what was swirling around my mind. Just under an hour later, he pulled the bike off the road and killed the engine. We were at Mt Glorious. It was beautiful but I was curious as to why he’d brought me here. He led me along a path until we eventually came to a small clearing. I’d been to Mt Glorious before; it was a great ride on a bike. But I’d never been to this particular part of it. The view was stunning. We could see out across the valley and it was just beautiful. There was no-one else around and the sounds of any cars were muted by the bush. There really was only one word to describe what my senses were getting from all of this; peace. It was peaceful here and it calmed me. J was watching me quietly while I took all of this in. Finally, I looked at him and asked, “Why are we here, J?”

He nodded slowly. “This is where I come when I need to clear the shit out of my head.”

“Okay,” I said, waiting for him to go on.

“I’ve been coming here a lot over the last six months.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Had a lot of shit to clear out, I take it.”

His mouth curved up slightly in a small grin. “Yeah, you could say that, babe.”

“Okay, so tell me. What’s this got to do with me?”

“Everything.” He was watching me intently. It looked like he had a lot to say but he was holding back for some reason.

“Goodness, J. You need to get to the point. I don’t have the patience today to -“

He cut me off. “This is where I decided to make you mine.” His words were rough but tender if that was even possible. Whoosh. The butterflies took hold of my stomach at those words.  

I was speechless.

He continued. “Been thinking about you for the past six months, Madison. Can’t get you out of my fucking mind. So, I’ve been coming here to think. Last night, after I screwed the fuck up with you, I came here. And I decided you’d be mine before today was over.” He was so bossy. I’d never had a guy like J before, but standing there, listening to him claim me like a caveman, I knew that I was ruined for all men. J was going to ruin me and consume me, and I was going to let him.

I moved into him at the same time that he reached his hand out and wrapped it around my neck to pull me closer. Our lips found each other and he began to ruin me. Our bodies were pressed together, our hands were on each other and I came alive under his touch. Desire spread through me as I fought to get even closer to him, as I gave myself over to this kiss. Eventually we pulled apart, but he kept a hold on me, keeping me close so that we were still touching. “Fuck, babe. Those lips of yours might be my fucking downfall.”

I smiled up at him; at his words. And then my smile turned wicked. “I think there’ll be other parts of me that might be your downfall.”

His eyes widened and then he shook his head, and muttered, “You might be fucking right there.”

“So, now that I’m yours, are you going to take me home and have your way with me? Because, even though this will always be known as our special place, I’ve got to admit, I don’t really like to rough it.”

He moved his mouth close to my ear, and murmured, “I’d love to fuck you here, babe. Out in the open; could be kinda hot. But I totally get that you’re not a roughing it kind of chick. And I want you completely fucking relaxed when I finally get those panties off you and my cock into you.”

Holy fuck, he had a dirty mouth. And I fucking loved it. I grabbed his hand and started walking us towards his bike. When he slowed and pulled on my hand to slow me down, I turned and muttered, “Hurry up, J. You’ve got a promise to fulfill.”

His face spread into a huge smile. “Just making sure this is what you want, sweetheart.”

“Oh, so now, after you tell me how it’s going to be and promise your cock to me, you decide to see what I want. Well, even though you’ve already decided for me, you can rest assured that I want this too. But what I really, really want right now is for you to take your dirty mouth home and show me just what you can do with it.”

“Fuck me,” he growled, and with that he grabbed my hand and took me home. 

Blaze Deleted Scene

I was in the lounge room with the paint samples I’d collected this morning when I heard the front door open. This surprised me because it was only two o’clock and J wouldn’t be home for hours.
“Babe, bedroom, now,” he bellowed from the hallway.
Shit, it was J. And the urgency of his voice and the words he’d spoken got me all bothered. In a good way. I quickly left what I was doing and practically ran to the bedroom. He was waiting for me, shirt off, belt undone and eyes glazed over with lust.
With his gaze focused on me, he ordered, “Clothes off, baby. I’ve been thinking about you all morning and I don’t have time to fuck around because I’ve got to be back at the club in an hour.”
Oh, hell yeah. I broke out in a huge grin. “I like it when you come home for a quickie.”  
He was naked now and he took a step towards me. “A little less talking and a whole lot more doing would be good.”
I’d already ripped my t-shirt off and J began working on my shorts. I stepped out of them as he yanked them down and when he stood back up and I saw the wild look in his eyes, I knew he was going to rock my world for the next little while.
I hooked my fingers in my panties and then teased him, “You want these off too?”
His lips came to mine in a rough kiss and his hands grabbed mine. Walking me backwards as he did this, he muttered, “Yeah, but I’ll deal with those in a minute.”
My back hit the wall and I moaned as he deepened our kiss. I loved it when J was rough with me and this kiss was no exception. He let go of my hands and reached for my breasts, massaging them and rubbing my nipples. While he did this, I wrapped my arms around him and dug my fingernails into his back. I knew this was something that he liked and a moment later, he groaned and pushed himself into me, his cock grinding against me.
“Christ, woman,” he rasped, “This is gonna be real quick.”
“I don’t care how quick it is so long as you make me come, baby,” I breathed into his ear.
He pulled his face away from mine to look me in the eyes, and then lifted a finger to my lips. “Open your mouth.”
I did as he said, and he pushed his finger into my mouth. “Suck it, babe. And then you’re gonna ride it before you ride my cock.”
I wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked it, never losing eye contact with him. At the same time, I placed my hands on his ass and pulled him closer to me. His cock against me felt so good and I could hardly wait to have it inside me.
I opened my mouth and he slid his finger out before reaching down and sliding it in me. His thumb circled my clit, and I rested my head against the wall and let the sensations wash over me. “You’ve got magic fingers,” I murmured.
He lowered his head to mine so that his lips brushed against my neck. “They go well with your magic fucking pussy, babe,” he breathed out and his warm breath sent jolts of pleasure through me. His fingers picked up the pace until suddenly, he dropped to his knees, ripped my panties off and ran his tongue over my clit. 
“Oh my God, don’t stop, J,” I cried out, and placed my hands on his head, holding him in place. I didn’t really need to though because J loved giving me head.
When his fingers were replaced by his tongue, I knew I wasn’t far off hitting my orgasm. I felt it building and really began grinding myself against his mouth. My moans were matched by his grunts of pleasure as his tongue thrust in and out and his finger rubbed my clit. One of J’s hands gripped onto my ass to support me and hold my pussy against his mouth. The pleasure coursing through me was so intense, so fucking good; I didn’t want him to ever stop. As I came, I shut my eyes and cried out his name. He waited a moment before standing and kissing his way up my body. When his mouth found my breasts, he spent extra time there, licking and sucking my nipples, before finally bringing his mouth to mine. I tasted myself there and he groaned as I kissed him harder while reaching for his cock at the same time. He was hard and more than ready for me.  
I moved my hand up and down the length of him, and he ended our kiss and buried his face in my neck. His breathing had grown ragged.  
“You ready for my cock now sweetheart?” he asked as he pulled his head away from my neck, a determined look on his face.
I didn’t have it in me to form words so I simply nodded.  
He turned me around so I was facing the wall. His hands gripped my hips and he guided his cock inside me before sliding a hand around my waist and pulling me back into him. He began thrusting, building up speed until he was fucking me hard and fast. My arms leant against the wall and supported me, my head fell forward and I was lost once again to the pleasure that he was giving me. His grunts were growing louder and the grip he had on my hips grew tighter as he worked himself towards an orgasm.
“Fuck!” he cried out as he came. I followed him a moment later, flashes of light flitting behind my closed eyelids. My whole body was alive from his touch. I was in ecstasy and this was something that only J could give me.
He waited a moment before pulling out, and then scooped my hair to the side and laid a kiss on the back of my neck. “Fucking beautiful,” he murmured.
My legs felt like jelly but I managed to straighten and turn around to catch him in a kiss. His hands circled my waist and he kissed me back, slow at first and then harder and rougher.
  As he pulled away, he said, “Best way to spend lunch.”
I grinned. “Yeah, baby. Maybe you should take the rest of the day off.”
“Don’t fucking tempt me. I’ve got too much shit to do at Indigo. Otherwise I would take it off.” He headed into the bathroom, calling out, “How did you go at the hardware? Did you get some paint?”
“I got some samples and was just about to paint some onto the wall to see how they look.”
He finished in the bathroom and came back to me, grabbing his clothes off the floor. As he began dressing, he said, “Okay, so you work out which one you like and then I’ll help you paint on the weekend. Yeah?”
Smiling, because he’d just made me even happier than he’d already made me, I said, “Yes. And don’t forget that we have the barbecue on Sunday too.”
He finished doing up his jeans and threw his shirt on before pulling me close and kissing the top of my head. “How could I forget. You know how much I’m fucking looking forward to that.”
“Sarcasm will get you nowhere, J,” I promised and then grabbed my clothes off the ground.
“Yeah, but my cock will,” he said, smirking at me.
“Shit,” I muttered. “I am so screwed.
 “You and me both, sweetheart,” he said, and I nodded in agreement because it was true. J and I were each other’s kryptonite.

Q/ Will you be pulling both chapters of Storm into King's books?

A/ I hate to give spoilers away, but the shit is about to hit the fan in King's Wrath, and our men will struggle to keep going. Lots of forces are against them. So I'll leave it to you to decide whether you think King might need to call on Scott and his guys 😉

Q/ After King's books, will the Storm series end? I hope it doesn't – I could read about them for years and years!!

A/ NO!! I'll be writing another book in the original Storm series in 2018. It will be Wilder's book. I'll also be creating “Storm MC Escapes”, shorts or chapters where we'll catch up with past couples and see where they are now. They'll be published on my website as I write them and may eventually end up in ebook form also for those readers who like to collect scenes together in the one place.

Q/ Have you had many stories that you've started but haven't finished, either because you're not feeling it or it just isn't working the way you thought it might?

A/ Yes. I have a lot of stories I started writing before I published Storm, of which one of them I'll finish at some point. I didn't end up finishing that book because I decided I'd prefer to write a story with bikers in it at that time, and Storm was born. I also have many stories plotted out in notebooks ready to write one day. As for stories not turning out the way I thought, Blade's book started out that way. I lost 40k words while writing that story, and when I had to start again, I decided I actually wasn't feeling what I'd written, so I started from scratch. That was only a few weeks before I published the book. It's amazing how when you're not feeling a book, the words just don't come, but the minute you switch it up, the words flow! Originally, I had Layla as a single mother, but the way she appeared on the page wasn't independent enough for me lol. I've always wanted to write a single mother book because I am one, and I have so much respect for women who do it all alone. One day I'll write a kick-ass single mother!

Q/ What book ideas do you have going forward? Any new series?

A/ So many ideas that I'm not sure when I'll fit them all in! When I started writing King's book, I knew I'd have a lot of new characters appearing who I intend to develop in a new series, so I took the time to map out the new series and begin developing these new characters. I've not done that before. I've always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer. Even with Storm, I had no idea who any of the guys really were until I got to their individual books. They were always so vague in my mind, but equally distinct in some ways if that makes sense. If you've read any of the Roxie chapters I shared ages ago, you may be excited to know I'll finally be writing her book next year. And Serena's, too (she was Madison's best friend in the Storm series). They will both appear in what was to be titled the Stone Series. I'm not certain of the series name at the moment, but the series will remain the same. The guys are all ex-military and extremely alpha. You'll meet them in King's books! Other than that series, I'll begin the year with an office romance to be released in January! The first part of this story will release in an anthology on October 17 (more news to come soon on that!). I am in LOVE with this book, and can't wait to share it with you soon! It is titled Risk. And for my readers who have been hanging for the next Crave book, I'll be writing Van's story next year. That book will be a Crave/Storm crossover book. I'm really excited for that one!! And I will also hopefully be writing the next book in the Elixir series next year, too (Avery & Tyler's book). One last book, Her Kind of Crazy, should hopefully (fingers crossed!) publish late this year. It was originally published as a novella in an anthology. I'll be adding to it soon so it'll be a full length novel when it publishes. It's an opposites attract book about a laid-back tattoo artist who meets a highly-strung chick who schedules the shit out of her life lol. Such a fun read!

Q/ Will we get more Havoc?

A/ Yes!! You'll get to read more of his & Carla's story in the Storm MC Escapes.

Q/ Are you going to do books with the kids from Storm?

A/ I get asked this a LOT, so I probably will at some point, but it won't be in 2018. I LOVE the idea of seeing Scott Cole battle the guy who his daughter ends up with 😉

Q/ What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

A/ I did a lot of research before and during writing Storm. Like a LOT. I needed to know enough about the biker lifestyle to make the stories somewhat realistic (even though I fully believe in artistic licence). I then decided to give my own twist to the motorcycle club in any way I decided. And I also decided that my bikers would be loyal as fuck. You may see some of my bikers skate along the edge of this, but none will ever cross the line completely. As for research in general, some books need more than others. For instance, Steal My Breath, needed a lot of research and reliable information about legal aspects of that story. I researched a lot of cases, and I also sought the advice of someone in my life who is a lawyer. And with King's books, I've sought the advice of a police officer to make sure some parts of this story are realistic. I have never added up the hours I spend researching, but it would be many! I research even the tiniest details in an effort to get things right.

Q/ Is Ashton Scott based on anyone you know?

A/ Fuck, I wish he was! Sadly, not at all. In fact, none of my men are. The only male character who has parts to his personality that come from people I know is Scott Cole. I took the best parts of four men in my life and some of the parts of another male in my life to create him. Harlow's mother, Cheryl, is my mum, down to the name and her love of cooking. Sophia from Illusive was inspired by my friend, Jodie. And there's a character in the novella I just finished writing, Risk, called Poppy. I only just realised last night while watching the show Younger, that Poppy is kinda based on Lauren. That wasn't intentional at all, but I totally saw the likeness!

Q/ What's the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

A/ Making sure they don't start thinking or talking like a female lol! For example, you'd never find a biker describing what a woman is wearing in detail, right? I have to admit I struggle with this in books I read when the man does this. Like, when they know exactly what type of dress a woman is wearing. I mean, I hardly know the different styles out there, how would a man? My bikers pretty much see clothes and imagine ripping them off! And they can think some deep thoughts, but I have to be really careful with how they express them and who to. Generally, though, I don't have to second-guess myself on any of this, thankfully!

And something from me – Havoc was the book I wrote the fastest. Prior to writing his story, I tended to delete a lot of dirty shit my bikers said or thought. A lot of it got through, but sometimes I would think “Mmm, this might be just a little too dirty” lol, but with Havoc and Carla, I just let them fall onto the page, dirty mouths and all. It was a fun book to write! And now I let my bikers be as dirty as they want!

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PS One last thing I get asked a lot is when will King's books be released? I'm aiming for a late September release on King's Wrath. His second book, King's Reign, won't be out until late November or December (mostly because I'm away for signings all of October, so my writing schedule will be slowed down.).