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I've been thinking a lot about the original Storm men lately! And that led me to remember a bonus scene I wrote with J & Madison in it that was published in a charity anthology. I know I have a lot more Storm readers now, which means that many of you haven't had a chance to read this particular scene. So, I'm sending it out in this email.SPOILER ALERT – if you aren't up to at least Illusive, don't read this scene yet! Trust me.


As Serena pulled her car into my driveway, I looked at her and said, “Thanks for the last two days, I needed them.” We’d spent the last two days at Surfers Paradise having girl time, and as much as I missed J, it had been good to get away and just chill.

She gave me a smile. “Anytime, chica.”

“We should do it more often.” I undid my seatbelt and grabbed my handbag off the floor.

She raised her brows. “I’m not sure your hubby will be up for that. Especially not while he’s desperately trying to get you pregnant.”

“Oh, God…don’t remind me.” I laughed. “I wish he would just let that go. He promised he’d leave me alone for three months, and it’s only been just over a month.”

Serena laughed and then jerked her chin towards the front door of my house. “Looks like he’s ready to get going again.”

I turned to find J standing in the doorway. His intense gaze met mine and I smiled. He didn’t return my smile, but rather settled his shoulder against the doorjamb and folded his arms across his chest as he continued to watch me.

Opening the car door, I gave Serena one last look. “Some days I wished you still lived here because then I’d have an excuse not to have sex.”

Her eyes widened as if she struggled to believe what I’d said. “You’re kidding, right? I mean, for one, you would never knock back sex even if J had an ulterior motive, and two, nothing would stop him from trying to get in your pants, not even me living in the same house.”

I grinned. “You’re right.”

Nodding, she flicked her hands at me in a get-out-of-here motion. “Go. I don’t want to be the one to keep J from his woman.”

“You two have come a long way since you first met.”

“Yeah, we have a mutual understanding—I put up with his caveman ways and he lets me have you all to myself sometimes.”

I smiled because I knew deep down she and J respected each other now. They might have been untrusting to begin with, but that had all changed when Serena realised how much he loved me.

Stepping out of the car, I promised, “I’ll ring you tomorrow. We need to organise a coffee catch up with the girls.”

“Talk to you then,” she said. I grabbed my overnight bag from the back seat and then watched as she drove away.

When I made it to where J waited for me, he uncrossed his arms, pushed off from the door, and took my bag from me. “Serena in a hurry to get somewhere? She’s driving like a maniac.”

Standing on my tiptoes, I brushed a kiss across his lips. “She always drives like a maniac, you know that.”

His hand landed on my ass and he pulled me back to him for another kiss. A deeper, longer kiss. When he finally let me go, he said, “Yeah, but she seems worse today.”

“She’s got a date tonight.”

His hand moved off my ass and took hold of one of my hands. Leading me inside, he headed straight to our bedroom and dumped my bag on the floor. He then turned and pulled me to him. “I fucking missed you, babe.”

I ran my hands up his chest and looped them around his neck so I could pull his face down to mine. “I missed you, too,” I admitted before kissing him again.

His hands moved to undo the button on my shorts and a moment later his hand slid into my panties and over my pussy. He ran a finger through my wetness and groaned into my mouth before growling, “I need to be inside you. It’s all I’ve thought about for the last two days.”

I gripped his neck harder, my fingers digging in to his skin. “I’ve been thinking non-stop about your cock in my mouth,” I said as my breathing picked up. His need had lit my entire body with desire and I was almost panting for him.

Heat flared in his eyes and he removed his hand from my panties. Undoing his jeans, he said, “You get what you want first and then it’s my turn. And Madison?”

I didn’t take my eyes off his. “Yes?”

As he pulled his cock out, he said, “It’s gonna be a long night, baby, and I’m not going easy on you. You wanna go away for two nights, you gotta expect me to be so fucking hard for you that it’s gonna take all night to work that need out of my system.”

I sucked in a breath as my own need coiled its way through my body. My eyes held his and I loved what I saw there. It didn’t matter how many times he had me, my husband always needed more, and I’d never get enough of him either.

Dropping to my knees, I took hold of him and stroked his length a few times before running my tongue along his cock. When I finally took him in my mouth, his hand landed on my head and he hissed as he pushed himself further in.

I sucked him and swirled my tongue over him while I took hold of his balls and massaged them. My other hand moved to his ass—God how I loved J’s ass.

“Fuck… ” his voice trailed off as I continued to work him towards his release.

His love for this turned me on more than I already was. As much as I loved giving him a blowjob, tonight I was way past ready to have him fuck me, so I picked up the pace in an attempt to get him off faster.

I sucked harder, taking him deeper into my mouth, and when his hand grasped a handful of my hair and he groaned, I knew he was close. He surprised me when he pulled out of my mouth and reached his hands down under my arms to pull me up.

His eyes were wild as he yanked my shorts and panties down, and then pulled my t-shirt over my head and removed my bra. At the same time, I lifted his tee over his head and dropped it onto the floor before pulling his jeans down. J hardly ever wore underwear and today was no different.

I looked up into his eyes. “Why didn’t you let me finish you off?” He loved to come in my mouth so I’d been surprised when he stopped me mid-blowjob.

“I couldn’t wait any longer. I need your pussy.” He pulled me close and spun me around so my back was to his front. Pushing my hair to the side, he bent his mouth to my shoulder and kissed me there. His arms came around me and while one hand went to my breast, the other moved to my pussy. I dropped my head back and rested it against him when he pushed a finger inside me.

“Feel good?” His warm breath on me caused my skin to pebble with goose bumps.

“Feels so good…don’t stop.” The pleasure he was giving me had taken over my mind to the point where my thoughts were so scrambled I had trouble stringing sentences together. J never failed to deliver bliss. His touch was like a needle shooting what I craved straight to my veins.

He pushed another finger inside and continued his slow, rhythmic strokes while his thumb circled my clit. And from behind, he ground his cock against my ass.

I’m going to die and go to heaven.

My legs wobbled underneath me as every inch of my body came alive, and I moaned as the pleasure built to ecstasy levels.


I’m going to come soon.

“How far off are you, baby?” J asked, his voice low and husky.

I had practically collapsed back against him and as the first flashes of brilliant light shot through my mind, I let myself go completely. “Now…” That was all I got out before my orgasm hit.

Oh, God.


His fingers didn’t let up; he kept stroking until the moment he growled, “Fuck, you’re dripping.”

He pulled his fingers out and walked me forward to the bedside table where he placed my hands on it. “Hold tight,” he directed before placing his hands under my waist and lifting my legs up off the ground. “Wrap your legs around my waist.”

I did as he said, and a moment later, he thrust inside me. I’d hardly recovered from my first orgasm and he was about to give me another one.

Holy fuck.

“Jesus, Madison, two days without you is too fucking long,” he rasped in between thrusts. I had to agree with him, but coming home to this was almost worth it.

My hands gripped the bedside table and my legs clung to him as he fucked me. His thrusts grew harder and faster as he chased his orgasm. His fingers dug into me, but I hardly paid any attention to them—the only thing touching the edge of my consciousness was the intense pleasure pulsing through my body. J had tipped me over the edge again, and as I came, I dropped my head down and tried like hell to keep my legs wrapped around him. My limbs had grown weak but I managed to hold on while he came.

“Fuck!” he roared as he slammed into me one last time and then stilled.

When he was finished, he pressed a kiss to my neck before pulling out and letting me go. My feet hit the floor and I almost collapsed, but J caught me and lifted me before carrying me to the bed.

Once he had me settled there, he positioned himself next to me and placed his arms around my shoulders as he pulled me close. I rested my head on his chest and curled into him. Tiredness threatened to claim me, but I did my best to fight it. I wanted to spend this time with J, and reconnect after two days apart.

Shifting so I could look up at him, I said, “Maybe I should go away more often if that’s how you’ll fuck me when I come home.”

He scowled. “Madison, if that’s how you want me to fuck you, I can do that every day. There’s no need to go away just to get that.”

I smiled and pushed up off the bed so I could go to the toilet. “Be back in a minute,” I said and left him.

When I came back to the bed, I took in the tiredness that lined his face, and concern filled me. “Has work gotten worse?” The club was under a lot of pressure at the moment with a new drug dealer in town giving them hell, and I worried every day for J’s safety. Actually, I worried for every member’s safety.

He frowned. “No, nothing has changed. I don’t want you to worry, okay?”

I positioned myself next to him on my stomach and draped my arm across his chest. “Of course I’m going to worry, J. You guys are out there every day dealing with that asshole. Until he’s sorted out, I’ll keep worrying because losing you would kill me.”

He took hold of my hand and changed the subject—probably to distract me, but also because this was a subject he always wanted to talk about. “It’s time you agreed to a baby.” His intense gaze met mine and I knew we were headed into dangerous territory. J’s desire for children right now clashed with my desire to wait at least six to twelve months. We’d only been married for just under a year and I wanted more time alone with him before bringing a child into our relationship. J, on the other hand, was a stubborn bastard and had been doing everything to convince me to have a baby now.

I held his gaze. “Now is most definitely not the time for me to be getting pregnant. Not with all the shit the club is in at the moment. I don’t want to bring a child into that kind of environment.”

“Bullshit,” he said, annoyance flashing in his eyes. “You’re just using that as an excuse. This shit will be over soon so there’s no reason to even factor it into your decision.”

“You don’t know that for sure.” I was clutching at straws. Hopefully he’d let it go like he usually did.

He watched me for another couple of moments. Then, without warning, he flipped me onto my back and positioned himself over me, pinning my arms above my head. Bending his head, he took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked it. He then did the same to the other one. His knee moved so he could push my legs apart. When he had me how he wanted me, he brought his face close to mine. “Maybe I should fuck you into agreeing to this because I’m sure as hell getting tired of hearing the word ‘no’,” he growled.

“You don’t fight fair, J.”

He raised his brows. “I don’t fight fair? Who the fuck do you think controls my dick? And who the fuck do you think always gets what she wants by way of controlling my dick?”

I bit my lip. He had a point. J might be a bossy asshole, but when it came down to it, I had my ways of getting what I wanted out of him.

When I didn’t reply, he carried on. “Now that we’ve established that, let’s establish the fact that this is going to happen.”

“Baby, I told you that I do want kids with you, but I want us to wait a few more months before we try to get pregnant.”

He shook his head. “No, no more waiting. I’m done with fucking around.”

Something in his voice caught my attention. “Tell me why this is so important to you,” I said softly. There was definitely something there that I’d missed every other time we’d had this conversation, and something told me it was important.

His eyes widened and he let my wrists go and sat back. After a beat, he said, “I want a family, Madison. I want kids running around and I want you as their mother. And I don’t want to waste another minute arguing about this. Life’s too short not to have what you want.”

I sat up and shifted close to him. Laying my palm gently on his cheek, I said, “This is because of your mum and dad, isn’t it? You don’t feel like you have ties, and you want them.”

“I have you. And Brooke. And Storm. I have ties.” His voice was gruff, and I knew I’d hit the nail on the head even if he was being stubborn about admitting it.

“It’s okay, J, I get it now. I understand where you’re coming from.”

We sat watching each other for a few moments, silently communicating our understanding. Finally, he nodded and I knew that was the only acknowledgement I would get that I was right, but it was all I needed. “So, you’ll change your mind?”

I smiled as a sense of peace about my decision flowed through me. Nodding, I said, “Yes.” Of course I would give J what he wanted. What he needed. I could never deny the man I loved those things. Not now that I knew his reason.

Relief filled his face. “Jesus, woman, you know how to make a man work for something.”

Grinning at him, I said, “It was all just practice for the main event. Now we get down to the real work, and let me tell you—you’re gonna have to work hard if you want to get me pregnant.”

He returned my grin. “I’m all about the hard work, Madison. Christ, you’ve put me through my paces over the years. I think you might be the one underestimating just how worn out you’re going to get.”

I shifted so I was sitting in his lap, and put my arms around his neck. Kissing him, I said, “Let the games begin.”



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