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This bonus chapter takes place the Christmas after J and Madison got back together in Storm (J returned to the club in the September of that year).


I opened my eyes and squinted as the sun that was streaming in through the window hit my face.  Our bedroom was on the wrong side of the house for the sun, so on summer mornings the Queensland heat blazed with a scorching intensity.  Personally, I loved the heat and didn’t mind that my clothes were already starting to stick to me.  Hell, it gave me a good reason to get them off and I knew that J would be down for that too.

From the view afforded me through the window it looked to be a glorious day outside and a smile snaked across my face; I loved Christmas in the sun which was where we would be spending today.  I rolled over and snuggled up to J, gently laying a palm on his chest.  It was early still, the bedside clock read only six thirty.  Last night had been a late one; the club always spent Christmas Eve together and we hadn’t gotten home until well after two am.  It was a fantastic night, especially after such a shitty year.

“Mornin’,” J murmured, and placed his hand on mine while his eyes sort mine.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” I replied, and softly brushed my lips over his.

He grinned.  “Fuck yeah.  Where’s my Christmas present?”

“We’re exchanging them later, remember?  At Scott’s.”

His smile was positively wicked now, and he slowly shook his head.  “No, I’m talking about a private present, babe.”  He grasped my hand and moved it down his body, placing it on his cock.  His eyes danced and he winked at me.  “Let’s see if you can do something with that.”

I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and slowly slid it up and down his length.

“Best fucking present, babe,” he muttered and then directed my lips to his.

Our kiss was unhurried yet full of passion, and desire curled through me.  When J’s fingers made their way to my clit, an explosion of pleasure hit me and I got so carried away that I bit his lip.

He pulled away from our kiss and grunted, “Shit -”

We were interrupted by my phone but J quickly rolled so that he was almost on top of me and attempted to block me from answering it.  “Leave it.  It’s too fucking early for people to be ringing,” he grumbled.

I pushed my palms against his chest in an effort to move him off me.  “It might be important, J.”

“Not fucking likely.  It’s probably just someone ringing to wish you a Merry Christmas, and that can wait,” he said, as he resisted my efforts and tried to catch me in another kiss.  I could feel his cock against my body and it almost distracted me from the ringing phone.  Almost.

I gave him another forceful shove which succeeded in moving him enough so that I could slip underneath him and roll off the bed towards my phone.  He recovered quickly and reached out to try and pull me back but it was futile as I’d already grabbed my phone and was about to answer it.

“Fucking cockblocker,” he muttered as he got up and headed into the bathroom.

I ignored him and answered the phone call; it was Serena.  “Hey, honey.  Merry Christmas!” I said, excited to be hearing from her.

“Merry Christmas, chica!”

A huge grin was now plastered across my face.  “I miss you,” I said, and it was the absolute truth.  Serena and I hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months and I was having serious withdrawals.

“Well, put the kettle on and open the bloody door and let me in.”

“What?” I screamed, “You’re here?”  I ran to the front door and threw it open.  I was greeted with the sight of Serena and Blake.

Blake stepped forward and caught me in a hug.  As he pulled away, he murmured, “It’s been too long, baby girl.”

I smiled at him and nodded.  “It really has.”  We hadn’t seen each other since August, just before J returned from the road trip my father had banished him on.   I’d spent some time in Coffs Harbour while J was away but we hadn’t made the time to catch up since then.

“You’re looking well.  Much better than the last time I saw you,” he said, approvingly.  “I hate to admit it but J must be good for you.”

I sighed.  Blake and J hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know each other yet and Blake still held reservations about my relationship.  “Yes, honey, J is good for me.  You’ll see.”

Serena pushed Blake out of the way and threw herself at me.  “I’ve fucking missed you!  Why can’t you and biker boy move to Coffs?”

I laughed.  “You could move to Brisbane.”

She let me go but held onto my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.  “You’ll never move back will you?” she asked, with a more serious tone.

I shook my head.  “I don’t think so.  We’re pretty settled here.”

“And once he gets that ring on your finger, that’ll be it I guess,” she mused.

“She’s got a ring on her finger,” J said, as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  His lips brushed my cheek in a kiss.

Serena winked at me before saying to him, “That’s not the ring I’m talking about, J.  Engagement rings are pretty and all, but you need to hurry up and get that wedding ring on there.”

He grunted, and said, “I’m not the one holding the fucking process up, sweetheart.”  His frustration was clear for the world to see.  “You need to talk to your girl here; talk some sense into her.”

“It’s happening.  We’re just having some trouble booking the venue that we want.  Aren’t we, baby?”  I turned and looked at J for him to verify what I’d said.

He shook his head.  “No, we’re not.  I’d marry you in our backyard.  Today.”

I sighed.  “I know, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re as good as married.  But you know I’ve always wanted my wedding reception to be on the river so we just have to wait for the date they have free.”

“When is that?” Blake chimed in.

“Not until February next year,” J muttered, and turned to head into the kitchen.  “That’s enough wedding talk.  Who wants coffee?”

Serena arched an eyebrow at me.  “All’s not well with you two?” she asked softly.

I linked my arm through hers and smiled.  “Actually, all is pretty bloody good with us.  He’s just sulking because he can’t get his way on this and you know how bossy he can be.  It’ll do him good to compromise for once.”

“Absolutely,” she agreed.

We followed J into the kitchen with Blake close behind.  As we were walking I could see her taking in the house; checking everything out.  Neither of them had ever visited us here and I knew they were keen to see where I lived now and to make sure I was doing okay living with J.

“Nice place,” Serena finally commented.

“Different to what you thought?” I asked, noting her surprise.

“Very.  Have you changed it a lot since you moved in?”

I surveyed the room.  When I’d moved in, his house had been just that; a house.  He hadn’t decorated it at all.  I’d slowly started adding my own touch to it.  J hadn’t minded, although he’d drawn the line at adding a cream couch and multi-coloured cushions to the living room.  He’d told me that he didn’t want a fucking rainbow in there, so we’d agreed on a black leather sofa that looked great with the white and grey walls.  After we’d finished with the living room, J decided that he quite liked the added colour so we’d painted some feature walls throughout.  We had a red and black colour scheme in our bedroom, charcoal grey and black in the bathroom and turquoise in the kitchen.  He wasn’t so fussed on the turquoise but it was my favourite colour so he’d relented and agreed to whatever I wanted for that space.  The running joke in the club revolved around J’s decorating skills; the boys were constantly giving him shit about how stylish our home was.

“Yeah, we’ve painted the whole house and I’ve added rugs and paintings, stuff like that.  And I think I’ve finally convinced J to do some work on the yard, maybe add a pool,” I replied.

“Well, I love what you guys have done,” Serena said, “And I’m in love with that huge ass TV you’ve got.”

I rolled my eyes.  “Bloody men and their toys!  It takes up so much room but J insisted he have it.  Oh, and he also had to have an X-box.  He and Scott love that fucking thing.”

Serena laughed and Blake muttered from behind us, “Looks like he has some redeeming qualities.”  I ignored him and wondered how long it would take for him and J to get over their issues with each other.

We entered the kitchen to find J working the Nespresso machine; another of my home improvements.  I took a minute to enjoy the view of my man working in the kitchen wearing only a pair of jeans.  It was a view I would never get tired of.  J was over six foot of solid muscle; his back, chest and arms inked with numerous tattoos including the club tattoo on his back that was in full view at the moment.  Watching his muscles flex while he reached for mugs shot heat through my body and I stood transfixed, admiring him.

Serena slapped me on the arm.  “Earth to Maddy.  You want me to pick your tongue up off the floor, chica?”

She was grinning at me and I laughed.  “Yeah, I might need it for later,” I joked, winking at J as he caught my eye.

He nodded and smirked, “That tongue is multi-fucking-talented.  We’ll definitely need it for later on.”

J and his dirty mouth.  Serena broke out in laughter.  “I’d forgotten that you had a way with words, J,” she said.

“I have a way with other things too, sweetheart.  Just ask Madison.”

“Okay, enough, you two,” I said, noting Blake’s reaction to this conversation.  He didn’t look like he was enjoying it and the last thing I wanted was for him to be uncomfortable in my home.

I sat next to him at the kitchen table.  “I’m so happy to see you,” I said softly to him as Serena and J made coffee together and continued on with their banter.

His smile reached his eyes.  “Me too.  And it’s good to see where you’re living now.”

I read between the lines.  “He’s good for me, Blake.  I haven’t felt this happy and at peace for a long time.”

He nodded slowly, like he didn’t quite believe me.  Blake wasn’t the kind of person to make quick judgments; he would need to observe for himself and make up his own mind over time.  “You certainly do seem happier and less angry.  But I’m not entirely convinced, baby girl.  I don’t want you to get hurt again so just let me see for myself okay.  I need to know you’re going to be alright because you were fucking broken the last time he hurt you.”

It was a good thing we were a little way away from where J was because if he heard what Blake had just said he wouldn’t take too kindly to it.  I reached out and squeezed Blake’s hand.  “I get it.  And you will see, I promise.”  We sat in silence for a moment as we both processed what the other had said.  Our friendship was deep and I knew that he was only doing what a good friend would do.  His concern touched my heart; I felt blessed to have a friend that cared that much.

“How long are you and Serena staying for?”  I finally asked.

“It’s just a flying visit this time.  I need to get back to the restaurant for tomorrow night so we’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning.”  His disappointment was evident.

“We really need to make more of an effort next year, don’t we?”  I reflected.  Since I’d moved back to Brisbane time had gotten away from me and I knew that Blake was really busy with his business too.  But friends and family had to come first and I needed the reminder.

He nodded in agreement.  “Yeah, we do.”

We were interrupted by Serena who placed coffees in front of us.  “I made yours with the strongest pod, Blake.  Figured you’d need it after the small amount of sleep you’ve had,” she said.

J brought the rest of the coffees over and sat next to me.  “What time did you leave this morning?” he asked Blake.

Blake met J’s eyes.  “Just after two am,” he answered him, and then looked to Serena, “Thanks for the coffee.  I do need it, babe.”

Well, this was a civilised conversation and it warmed me to see J and Blake conversing like this.  I just hoped it would continue.

We drank our coffees and caught up a little before Serena asked, “So, what’s the plan for today?”

I broke out in a huge smile because I had been looking forward to today for weeks.  Christmas was one of my favourite times of the year and I’d been planning our get together for a long time.  I ran my hand over J’s arm excitedly and he chuckled as we made eye contact.  He’d put up with my plotting and planning but I think I’d nearly driven him insane this last week with my mad frenzy to get everything finalised.

“What hasn’t she got planned, more to the point,” J murmured.

“Oh, hush,” I said, as I leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips, still grinning like a mad woman.

“Madison is like a woman possessed at Christmas time,” Blake commented, obviously remembering my crazy demands on my friends at this time of year.

“Tell me about it,” J said, “ She’s been shopping, cooking and hanging shit for weeks, and I’m not only talking about in this house.  You should see Scott’s house.  That poor fucker never saw her coming.  He arrived home one night and it was like Santa had purged his fucking warehouse in there.”

Blake almost choked on his coffee as he started laughing.  “Fuck, Madison, you could have come and decorated my restaurant.”

J saw my eyes light up at the thought of that job.  “Jesus, don’t fucking get her started.”

I slapped him playfully on the arm.  “Don’t be mean!  You secretly love it.  I can tell.”

He grinned at me and snaked an arm around my waist, pulling me close so that our lips brushed.  “Baby, I love that you love it.  And watching you get up that ladder to hang the fucking tinsel…yeah, I love that and that’s no secret.”

“Anyway, moving along,” I suggested, because otherwise I could see J and Blake making fun of me for awhile, “We’re spending the day at Scott’s house because he has a pool.  Mum and Dad, and some of the boys from the club will be there.  It’ll be lunch and then kicking back with a drink for the afternoon.”

“Sounds great, honey,” Serena said, “Are any of these biker boys hot?”

Now it was J’s turn to almost choke.  “I wouldn’t let any of those guys near you so don’t even go there.”  His protective streak surprised the shit out of me but at the same time I was really happy about it because it told me that Serena meant something to him.

“Pfft,” Serena waved her hand at him, “I think I can look out for myself, J.  And besides, I’m not looking for a long term thing, just a bit of fun.”

J pushed his chair back and stood up.  “Is there ever such a thing as a bit of fun for a chick?” he asked her.

“You don’t know me very well.  I’m always up for a bit of fun.  Don’t need the hassle that a full time man brings.”

J raised his eyebrows, clearly not convinced.  “Yeah, well just remember what I’ve said.”

I stood and took over the conversation; I was fairly certain that Serena and J would never come to an understanding about this.  She really did just want a bit of fun but I knew that in J’s experience, women said that but never meant it.  “We’re heading over to Scott’s at about ten thirty.  I need to have a shower now and then J needs to give me my present,” I said, grinning at him.  He looked a little stressed; the present buying hadn’t been without its issues.  I couldn’t understand why men seemed to struggle so much with this.

He smacked me on the ass.  “I’ll give you your present but not until you give me mine.  And I’m talking about the one that you almost gave me this morning, babe.”

“Promises, promises,” I teased him, and then turned to Blake and Serena, “Make yourselves at home.  Blake, feel free to play with the X-box.  We’ll be back.”  And with that, I dragged J towards the bedroom.

A minute or so later, he shut the bedroom door behind us and then pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around me and gripping my ass.  He bent his head down to mine and caught my lips in a kiss.  It was a deep kiss and he consumed me, body and soul.  I would always be lost to this man; anything he wanted from me, he could have.  I wouldn’t be able to deny him.

He ended our kiss but didn’t pull his face away from mine.  His lips remained close to mine and when he spoke, warm breath hit me and sent a jolt of pleasure straight through me.  “Feels so fucking good,” he growled, and squeezed my ass before letting his hands roam over my body, up to my hips and then my breasts before trailing them down to the bottom of the t-shirt I was wearing.  It was his t-shirt and he removed it in one quick movement, and threw it on the floor.

His eyes slid over my naked body and I felt them everywhere; felt the desire they traced as he took his sweet time looking at me.  J never seemed to tire of this and I reveled in it; I loved that he got so much pleasure out of simply watching me.

I reached out and slowly unzipped his jeans.  When my hands lightly brushed over his skin he sucked in a breath.  After I had his zip undone, I pulled his jeans down and he stepped out of them, kicking them to the side, out of our way.  I moved closer to him so that we were skin to skin, and took his cock in my hand and stroked him.  His hands moved over my ass and he dropped his head onto my shoulder as I continued to pleasure him.  I could hear his ragged breathing and feel his body begin to jerk as his cock grew even harder.

“Fuck.  Won’t be long,” he muttered and lifted his head, our eyes meeting.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” I whispered, keeping the momentum going with his cock.

Suddenly, he moved my hand away from him and lifted me up so that my legs wrapped around him.  He walked me to the bed and deposited me on it.  “I need to be in you,” he rasped, and moved over me on the bed.

I pulled his lips to mine in a frenzied kiss as my arms went around him.  One of his hands moved over my breasts and then moved down my body until it found my clit, circling it and driving me wild.  I dug my fingernails into his back and he grunted in pleasure.  “J, I need your cock now,” I begged, and he didn’t waste any time.  As he entered me, I lifted my hips to him and wrapped my legs around him.  He thrust hard and fast, and it felt so fucking good.  I swore his cock was made for me.

We lost ourselves as he kept up his unrelenting pace and fucked me with abandon.  He worked me into a state of fevered passion, my entire body lit with the electric sensations that only J had ever been able to evoke in me.  Our bodies were a wild mess of sweat and desire as we worked our way towards bliss.

“Fucking love you,” he grunted, as he thrust in as far as he could.  J’s sweet talk during sex always affected me and a thrill shot through me at his words.  It hit me right in my core.  I closed my eyes and white lights flashed as an orgasm took hold.  My legs squeezed tighter around him and I clenched my pussy around his cock; the pleasure almost at a peak.  He stilled for a moment and then his cock jerked as he found his release and we came together.

J lay still on top of me for a couple of moments afterwards and then he lifted his head and smiled at me, dusting a kiss over my lips.  “Best fucking Christmas present.”

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed and we lay like that for another moment or so, eyes and bodies locked together, enjoying the closeness.

He eventually rolled off me, onto his back.

I got up off the bed and headed into the bathroom to have a shower.  Reaching into the shower I turned on the taps, letting the hot water filter through before I turned on the cold tap.  Even though it was summer, I still had to have a warm shower which J found ridiculous.  He couldn’t understand why I didn’t have cold showers in summer.  Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t hear him enter the room so he startled me when he said, “Best fucking Christmas too, babe.”

I almost jumped out of my skin.  “Bloody hell, you scared the shit out of me,” I grumbled, but when I turned to face him, all annoyance left me as I was treated to a view of him naked, with his arms stretched above his head, hands gripping onto the doorframe.  “Yeah, baby, best Christmas ever,” I softened, and laid a smile on him.

He dropped his arms and came towards me.  When he stepped into my personal space, he lifted his hand and caressed my cheek gently.  “So fucking thankful to have you back.  Never letting you go again.  Okay?”

He phrased it like a question but I knew J and so I knew it wasn’t a question.  But yet, I reassured him.  “I’m not going anywhere, J.  You’re stuck with me.”

My words must have been the exact right words because he roughly pulled me to him, our bodies almost slapping together.  He dipped his head and grazed my ear lightly with his lips.  “Good,” he murmured, and then kissed me with a passion that wiped all coherent thought from my mind.

When he finished and pulled away, he slapped me on the ass yet again, and muttered, “Now, let’s get today over with so that we can come back here and you can give me another Christmas present.”



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