Book 5.5 in the Bestselling Storm MC Series.


Celebrate Christmas Storm Girl Style

Join the Storm MC girls for Christmas. Catch up with all your favourite Storm MC couples – it’s like coming home for Christmas where you find out what everyone has been up to.

Sassy Christmas takes place after the events of Slay, right before the events of Illusive.

It’s recommended that you read this series in order.



I was lost in my thoughts about Griff when Brooke spoke up.  “Thanks for inviting me today, Madison.  This party is just what I needed after a long couple of months.”

Smiling at my sister-in-law, I agreed, “Yeah, it’s what we all needed.”

Her eyes twinkled as she looked at J for a moment.  “I know J’s been looking forward to this party.  I bet he’s already planning next year’s in his mind.”

J shifted in his chair next to me and muttered, “Jesus, I’m surrounded by women who like to push my buttons.  The only party I’m planning is the one I’ll be having later tonight.”

As everyone laughed, I leant into him and murmured, “I love you.”

He put his arm around me and pulled my face closer so he could kiss me.  “I love you, too, baby, but no more parties for awhile, okay?  I need you to myself.  I’ve got plans I’m working on where you’re concerned.”

Baby plans.

“You said we’d reassess in three months, J, and I’m holding you to that.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t work on getting you to change your mind sooner,” he replied, his voice full of determination.

He’s deadly serious about this.

“I’m not changing my mind.”

I’m deadly serious, too.

He settled back into his chair, the determination gone from his face, replaced by a casual expression.  Too casual, in my opinion.  He shrugged.  “We’ll see, sweetheart.”

His attitude of we’ll see concerned me.  “Jesus, J, you can’t backtrack on an agreement,” I complained, knowing full well that when J had decided on something, he’d decided, and convincing him to change his mind was almost impossible.

His gaze met mine, and the heat I saw there caused butterflies in my tummy.  “You get your way with me most of the time, Madison.  It’s my turn to get my way.”  His deep, assertive voice snaked through me, sending desire to every corner of my body.

I sucked in a long breath, fighting like hell to ignore the want his words had caused.  I didn’t want what he wanted, however, I loved it when J took charge like this.  His bossy ways turned me on like nothing else, and sitting here, listening to the commanding tone in his voice and seeing the take-charge expression on his face, I wanted more.



This book has chapters about each of the hot Storm guys and the women they love. The sex is pretty steamy. A very enjoyable read that picks up for each Storm guy where their story left off.

~ Amazon Reviewer

Sassy Christmas is told through the Storm ladies point of view, and it gives us a little glimpse into their perfect or not so perfect lives. I couldn't put it down and it made me you long for more from this great series! it's funny sexy and emotional!!!

~ DYOZ Amazon Reviewer

Settled in their relationships, the characters move forward in a new way, facing the ups and downs of life that await each of their relationships. I can’t wait to see where Nina Levine will take these couples and I’m incredibly anxious to find out how the Storm MC will confront the issues standing in their way. Sassy Christmas was a quick, fun, sexy addition to the Storm MC series and it has me ready for more Storm!!

~ Becca from Prisoners of Print

If you are looking for a strong women and strong men . This is a must read series. The author has not lost her touch… I can not stop reading books from this author.

~ Amazon Reviewer