Book 6 in the Bestselling Storm MC Series

He’s been burnt by love.

Griff Hawkins keeps his pain locked away and the ghosts of his past buried even deeper. Three years ago, he chose the Storm MC as his family and accepted the ways of their violent world. These days, he lives his life with one rule – don’t get attached to anyone but his club.

She longs to be loved.

Sophia Barnes aches to know real love, and lives her life with arms wide open, ready to embrace the possibilities that come her way.

When Griff’s past is exposed and his place in the club is jeopardised, he fights for his family the only way he knows how, regardless of the consequences. That is, until he meets the woman who brings him to his knees, giving him something to lose.

Can they teach each other to leave the sins of the past behind in order to find love, or will Griff’s demons dictate their future?


“So, you came to talk or to screw me?”


Straight to the point.

I rubbed the back of my neck and frowned. “I don’t really know.”

She stared at me for a long minute before placing her drink on the counter and moving to where I stood. Taking my face in her hands, she brushed her lips across mine, and fuck if my dick didn’t react straight away. Her touch was like a lightning bolt through me, lighting every nerve ending on fire.

I groaned into her mouth. I knew I should stop her, but I couldn’t. This woman had crawled under my skin and I was helpless to stop my need for her. I slid one hand around her neck and gripped her there while my other hand moved to hold the back of her head. Deepening the kiss, my tongue found hers and I kissed her in a way I hadn’t kissed a woman in a long time.

Fuck knew how long we kissed for. It was both heaven and hell for me – a constant push and pull of needs. All I wanted to do was take her body and bend it to give me what I desired – what I needed – but I refused to break her, so I denied myself.

She ended the kiss, and stared into my eyes. “You wanna talk about the thoughts you usually reserve for this time of year?”


“Well, there’s your answer, handsome. It seems you came here to screw me.”

I still had hold of her, and I moved one of my hands to grip her ponytail. Yanking it back, I bent my mouth to her neck and sucked her hard enough that I was almost biting her. The moan that escaped her lips only encouraged me, and while I was fighting my urges as hard as I could, I lost my battle for a moment. My teeth sunk into her skin and I marked her neck.

When I was finished, I lifted my face and loosened my grip on her hair slightly. “You don’t do one-night stands, sweetheart, so it seems we have a small problem there.”

Her eyes watched me for a beat, and next minute, she had her hands on my jeans and had undone the button and was sliding the zip down.


“Careful,” I warned. “Once you signal your move, there’s no going back.”

She took hold of my cock and gripped me firmly before moving her hand up and down my length. “I’m breaking my one-night-stand rule for one night, and I’m trusting you to make it worth my while.”

“Jesus,” I muttered, not sure if I should do this, but knowing there was no way I could stop now even if I wanted to.

Ah, fuck it. I moved my hands to her ass and lifted her into my arms. “Which way to your bedroom?”



Illusive was hot, engaging, and emotionally raw, proving yet again how well Nina can dish out a biker book boyfriend!

~ Becca from Prisoners of Print Blog

5 Stars for this stunning book. Hands down the best in the series, Nina brings both heat and heart to this charming story. It's all about finding someone who loves your broken bits and helps you put yourself back together when you don't know how. Both characters were awesome!

~ Amazon Reviewer

This book is definitely my favourite read of the year Nina has yet again delivered a phenomenal story that everyone needs to read if I could give this book 10+stars I would.

~ Amazon Reviewer

Nina takes you on one explosive rollercoaster ride of emotions and angst but is most definitely a ride you want to stay on until the very end. If you love everything that has to do with MC's , Romance and everything in between then this most definitely not only the book for you but the series you don't want to miss!!

~ Amazon Reviewer

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