I went and saw the movie, Joy, tonight. Have you seen it yet? If not, I highly recommend it. It's based loosely on the story of Joy Mangano, a female entrepreneur and it has a message of hope and never giving up on your dreams. I naturally gravitate to these types of movies and love stories of people who face huge setbacks but persevere and succeed anyway. OH, we saw the trailer for Hugh Jackman's new movie, Eddie The Eagle, too – it looks amazing (same kind of theme of triumph over adversity – can't wait!).

Joy brought tears to my eyes more than once. It resonated with me on a deep level. Hiding ourselves away from the world and forgetting our deepest dreams or pushing them to the side while we take care of the responsibilities we accumulate along the path of life – yeah, those themes brought memories to the surface for me. I'm sure most can relate – especially mothers and fathers. It reminded me of this video that I shared in my Facebook group the other day. Watch this video! There is so much wisdom and truth in this video.

And then I was surfing Pinterest (one of my favourite things to do online) and I came across this graphic that I pinned awhile ago.

This says “A Love Note To Entrepreneurs” but I think it is a love note to everyone.


This is one of my most favourite graphics ever.

Don't wait for permission.

There is so much power in those four words.

I'm not waiting for permission anymore in my life.

Permission from myself, I mean.

That's perhaps one of the hardest forms of permission to seek.


Because we don't give it easily.

But, we should.

I don't know why I waited so long in my life to grant myself permission to be all that I am. I could kick myself now.

Because I wasted so many years.

Musheera academy

Tomorrow I fly to Sydney for a three day business coaching workshop.

This scares the fuck out of me a little… because I'm an introvert, right?

One of the things my coaches teach is to put yourself out there.

Scares. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Me.

But I'm going to do it.

And I'm going to meet so many amazing people (this group has some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia working with them).

And I'm going to go back for more in two months time (because they hold these workshops often).

I'm giving myself permission to feel the fear and do it anyway.

It's okay to be scared, but it's never okay to dim your light because of that fear (and yes, I've been doing this for years – I'll openly admit that now, but I'm choosing to live with intention this year and one of my intentions is to step out of my comfort zone, so no more!).


Here's to bringing JOY into our lives!

And owning every amazing thing about ourselves, and allowing the world to see us.




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