Havoc can be read as a standalone.

I was happy doing my own thing.
No connections.
No demands.
No problems.
Just me, my club and a whole lot of dirty work to take care of.
She never wanted a biker.
She wanted stability and I gave up on that years ago.
We tried to fight it.
Neither of us wanted it.
But she calms my fury and I show her a man who accepts every part of her.
Now we're trying to figure out how to be together.
Because when the need for each other is this strong, to deny it will only cause complete havoc.

If you read my other book, Destined Havoc and are waiting for the rest of Havoc's story, this is it! This book contains his entire story.

This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for.
Besides having a dirty mouth, Havoc tends to drop the f-bomb a lot.
There's also some MC violence in this book.
If you don't love books with hot sex, dirty talking, swearing & some violence, this isn't the book for you.

If you do love a filthy-mouthed alpha, a sassy chick who gives as good as she gets and some great banter, you'll probably love Havoc!




“Nina has done it again! Havoc, wow! This man is sex on a stick! A biker of few words, but when he speaks, you better listen! And with his dirty talking, why would you not!? Carla is a fireball with big dreams, and perfect for Havoc. Another fantastic story about the men of the Storm MC and the strong women who love them.” ~ Amazon Reviewer


“Havoc… I have no words for how hot this man is. He is definitely the hottest Storm man so far. He is smokin hot, absolutely filthy and has an attitude that would make most normal people run for the hills. There is nothing about him that I do NOT love, everything about this man sings to me. Then there is Carla, what a firecracker she is! I love her foul mouthed no sh*t attitude. She is the female version of her brother and I think I fell in love with her just as much! Together these two have off the charts sexual chemistry that will absolutely blow your minds! That sexual chemistry is weaved throughout the whole story but what makes it so much more is what it develops into.” ~ United By Books Blog


“Havoc is heaven!!! If you love MC Romance, Hot alpha males, humor, panty melting sex scenes, and a feisty heroine, then this is the book for you.” ~ Amazon Reviewer


“I loved this book! From the very first page I was drawn into the atmospheric and smouldering tension this pair created between them. Havoc was everything I want in a deep, dark, gritty but sexy biker. His controlling attitude had me panting when he went all Alpha! Rawr!” ~ Foxylutely Books


“Oh my! What an incredibly explosive and sexy MC story. With a perfect combination of angst, phenomenal heat levels, and humour, Havoc made for a bloody amazing stand-alone read. Great writing with a great pace and build-up to the unfolding drama.” ~ Amazon Reviewer


“Be prepared to be blown away by another great story by Nina. Loved every minute of this book. Loved how strong Carla is. She became my favourite Storm girl in this.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer


“From the moment they meet, sparks fly between Havoc and Carla, incinerating the pages of this novel with their intense connection and undeniable chemistry.” ~ Prisoners of Print

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