This is a six book spin-off series to the original Storm MC series.

It's darker.
And you can expect a tonne of what-the-fuck moments along with some dirty-as-hell sex.

Think Storm MC and then think again.

The Sydney boys are ready to go to the depths of hell to exact revenge on their enemies.
And their girls are right by their sides.

Relent – OUT NOW

Nitro's Torment – OUT NOW

Devil's Vengeance – OUT NOW

Hyde's Absolution – OUT NOW

King's Wrath – COMING 2017

King's Reign – COMING 2017

Buckle up for the ride!

I'm excited to be back with my bikers!

AND don't forget… KING! That crazy fucker will feature heavily in each book!

Preorder your copy today! (Google Play & Amazon will be available on release day)



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