Chapter Nineteen



I open the door of the hotel room and wait silently for Ashton’s response. He asked me to get myself ready, so I did.

His eyes flare with heat as they roam my body. “You surprise me,” he says when he meets my gaze again.

I tilt my head to the side. “You thought I’d choose something a little less revealing, didn’t you?”

Stepping inside the hotel room he sent me to this morning, he closes the door behind him and runs his finger along the top of the black crotchless lace thong I’m wearing. Besides the sheer thigh-high stockings attached to it with suspender straps, and heels, it’s the only thing I’m wearing. He nods in response to my question. “I certainly didn’t imagine you’d choose this out of everything I had delivered.”

Ashton’s first delivery had consisted of an assortment of lingerie. He told me to choose my favourite, but I struggled to pick between them all. The man has exquisite taste and I fell in love with each item. So I decided to go with what I thought would be his favourite.

“This one allows you easy access.” I hold his gaze while I lick my bottom lip and work myself up to saying what I want to say to him. My heart beats faster as the words fall out of my mouth. “It’s time for your fingers to be where mine were a minute ago.”

He loosens his tie with one hand while his other one glides over my hip and around to my ass. “How wet are you, Lorelei?”

My heart practically bangs in my chest as my pussy clenches. Having no experience with dirty talk like this, I’m a contradictory mix of turned on and self-conscious right now. I step closer to him and run my hand down his chest. “So wet that you could easily slide more than one finger inside me right now.”

His face angles down so he can press his mouth against my ear. “Let’s test that.”

He turns the heat up when he moves his hand from my ass and brings it around to my front so he can push two fingers inside me.

I bite my lip and suck in a breath while placing one hand on his shoulder to steady myself.

His eyes meet mine again as he strokes my g-spot. “Did my other package arrive?”


“And you opened it?”

“I did.”

He reaches deeper inside me. “Did you go through the box?”

I steady myself against him with both hands on his shoulders now, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand much longer with the pleasure he’s giving me.

When I don’t answer him straight away, he pushes me. “Lorelei.” The dominance in his tone is enough to get me off. Add to it what he’s doing with his fingers and the images flashing through my mind of what’s in the box, and an orgasm teases me.

I grip his shoulders hard and moan louder than I’ve ever moaned. Ashton brings that side out of me. He makes me feel pleasure in a way I wish I had before. Because this kind of pleasure is the kind a woman would beg a man for.

“I went through the box,” I finally answer him.

He slides his fingers out of me and I instantly miss them. “Did you see something you liked?”

Letting go of his shoulders, I move my hand down to the top button of his shirt and undo it. “There were so many things in that box I liked, Ashton.” I undo his second button. “The question is, which one are you going to use first?” The third and fourth buttons pop open before he places his hand over mine and stops me.

His mouth crashes down onto mine and a shudder runs through me at the force with which he kisses me. When he scoops me up into his arms and stalks into the bedroom, I quickly loop my hands around his neck and hold on while need burns in my veins.

God, how I want this man.

I was stupid to think I could slow him down last night. Ashton is not a man to be slowed. And regardless of where this ends up between us, I’m ready to take a chance.

After he deposits me on the floor in the bedroom, he sits on the edge of the bed. Circling his arm around my body, he pulls me between his legs. Pressing his lips to my bare stomach, he then trails kisses down the front of my panties while circling his finger inside the entrance to my pussy.

Around and around.

It’s divine.

But I want more.

I want his fingers all the way inside me.

He teases me by pushing in a little deeper and then licking along my slit. But right when I think he’ll give me more, he lifts his face to look up at me. “Was there anything in the box you’ve never used before?”

I grip his hair. “Seriously, you’re going to stop what you’re doing to have a conversation about that?”

He moves swiftly, pulling me to straddle him. His intense eyes demand my complete attention. “I’ll stop everything until you tell me what I want to know.”

My pulse races.

God, I love this side of him.

A little too much.

I relax in his hold. “I’ve never used most of the things in that box.”

Ashton is good at concealing his thoughts and emotions, but I catch the flare of approval in his eyes at my confession. I’m a little shy to admit I don’t have much experience with sex toys, but he appears to like that fact.

He grasps my hair and angles my head back to expose my throat. He then dips his face and licks a line from my collarbone up the side of my neck before sucking my skin and nipping at it with his teeth.

When he’s finished with my neck, he meets my gaze again. “I’m going to explore every inch of your skin today, but first I need to fuck you.”


I press my body against his. “I’m down with that.”

He pulls my hair. Rougher. “It’s not going to be slow, Lorelei,” he growls and I hear the need in his voice. It matches my own.

I dig my nails into his back. “Like I said, I’m good with that.”

A moment later, after he quickly rolls a condom on, I’m on my hands and knees on the bed and he thrusts his cock inside me from behind. He grips my hips and increases his pace until he’s slamming into me hard and fast.

I was so damn wet and ready for him that it doesn’t take me long to orgasm. I ride the pleasure while he chases his own orgasm, and as he promised, it doesn’t take long before he thrusts in one last time on a deeply satisfied roar.

Dropping my head, I try to catch my breath and refocus. When he pulls out and leaves the bed, I collapse onto my stomach. Rolling onto my side, I watch as his ass disappears into the bathroom.

I love his ass.

I want to spend hours with that ass.

He re-enters the room and I run my gaze over his body as he walks towards me. Ashton is built with muscles that scream power and strength. I watch, transfixed, as those muscles flex when he sits on the edge of the bed.

“Are you ready?’ he asks, confusing me.

I drag my eyes from his chest. “For what?”

His eyes darken. “To play.”

I’ve died and gone to heaven.


I crawl into his lap and lace my arms around his neck. “I’m pretty sure that playing with you is something I would never say no to. Not after you convinced me last night.”

He holds up a silk scarf. “I’m going to put this on you and then I want you to lie on the bed on your back.”

I’m confused again, wondering where he got the scarf. Staring at it, I ask, “Where did you get that?”

He ignores my question for a moment while he secures the scarf over my eyes. Once it’s in place, and I can’t see anything but blackness, he murmurs against my ear, “I always come prepared, Lorelei. You will soon understand that about me.”

Goodness, if I thought I’d died and gone to heaven a moment ago, I was seriously mistaken. His warm breath and his touch collide with my temporary blindness, sending a new wave of anticipation through my entire body. Every single nerve ending is buzzing with want for him.

The bed shifts as he stands. I lie back and wait for his next move. When he does nothing, I say, “Ashton?”

He doesn’t respond and I wonder where in the room he is. Not being able to see during sex is something I’ve never experienced, and I have to admit it’s hot not knowing what will happen next.

I slow down my breathing in an attempt to hear him, but I can’t make out his breathing.

Maybe he’s left the room.

My toes curl at the thought of what he’s doing. The box of toys is on the counter in the kitchen. I imagine he’s looking for something in there.

All thoughts of what he’s doing are soon forgotten when ice hits my stomach. My back arches up and I squeal out his name, unprepared for the cold sensation on my skin.

He places a hand on my stomach and holds me in place while he runs the ice over me.

Exploring every inch of my skin.

The bed dips as he positions himself on it between my legs. A moment later, his tongue circles my clit and I arch up again.

“Ashton…” His name escapes my lips on a moan. It’s the only word I get out, though, because my brain can hardly process a thought.

He doesn’t reply, just simply continues to circle my clit with his tongue and run ice over my stomach and hips.

And then he stops everything.

I try to get my breathing under control, but I only manage to draw one ragged breath in before his mouth presses to my clit again.

Oh. God.

My arms fling out to the side and I grip the sheets.

He sucked the ice cube before he went down on me. My attempt to control my breathing flies out the window as I hold my breath.

I can’t.

It’s too much.

Way too much.

“Breathe, Lorelei.” His deep voice cuts through my thoughts.

I take a deep breath. “Are you trying to make me come fast? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what is about to happen.”

I might be unable to see him, but I can feel him as his body moves over mine. My mouth is quick to respond when he kisses me. His tongue sweeps over my lips before pushing inside. He deepens the kiss, dominating me completely; totally wiping away any ability I have left to process what’s happening.

“You won’t come fast. I’m going to take you close, over and over, until you’re begging me to fuck you.”

Before I can respond, he moves back down my body to lick at my clit again. And then he flips me onto my stomach. His strong hands make their way up my back to massage my shoulders as he positions his legs either side of me.

Cold liquid hits my back and my breathing slows again as he massages the oil into my shoulders and back. His hands move slowly, gradually making their way down towards my ass.

His movements are deliberate and designed to drag me closer to the edge of release. Every so often he slides his hands over my butt or down and around my side to massage my breasts. But it’s the moments when his fingers glide through my pussy that really light me up.

By the time he’s finished massaging me, every inch of me thrums with need. When he flips me onto my back and starts his erotic massage on my front, I want to beg him to stop and just fuck me. But I don’t. Instead, I reach for him, trying to find his face so I can pull him close and kiss him.

He avoids my hands and breaks our silence. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“I want you to kiss me.”

“No. Tell me where you want my fingers,” he demands on a growl.

“I want them all over me, Ashton.”

His warm breath hits my ear. “If you could only choose one place, what would that be?”

My pussy clenches. There. I reach for his hand. “Let me show you.”

He grabs hold of my hand instead. “No,” he orders. “Tell me. I want to hear you say it.”

Oh for the love of God. “I want your fingers inside me.”


And? “Deep inside me.” Heat flames my cheeks and I pray it isn’t visible to him.

He slides a finger inside me slowly. “Do you want me to go slow or fast? Tell me exactly how you want me to touch you, Lorelei.”

Fuck it. If he wants me to talk dirty to him, I will. “I want you to find my g-spot and stroke me there. Slow to start with and then I want you to go faster until you make me come. Do you think you can manage that?”

He moves so fast I hardly have time to realise what’s happening. Flipping me onto my stomach again, he positions himself on top of me and rubs his cock over my ass while pinning my hands to the bed above my head. He pushes my legs apart to give his cock access to my pussy. “Do you want this?” He demands as he slides through my wetness.

I moan into the mattress. “Yes.” It comes out like a whimper, revealing just how desperately I want that.

“You’re going to have to work for it. And that means I want you to tell me your dirtiest fantasy.”

Heat floods my face again and I’m relieved he can’t see it because I’m sure I couldn’t hide my embarrassment.

When I don’t reply, he pushes his cock inside. Just the head, but it’s enough to make me want more.

“I fantasise about being a stripper,” I blurt out.

He stills, his cock resting against my slit. “And what else?”

“That’s it.”

“No. Everyone has more than one fantasy, Lorelei.” His cock enters me again and he teases me once more by only pushing in a little before pulling back out. He then flips me onto my back and removes the scarf.

Once my eyes adjust to the light, I reach for his dick but he’s too quick and stops me. Bending, he takes one of my nipples into his mouth and sucks. He then begins a maddening assault on my pussy by pushing in and then out with his cock. Far enough to drive me wild, but not far enough to get me off.

I take hold of his neck and drag his mouth to mine. After I kiss him hard, I hold his gaze and say, “I want to fuck you in public. I want everyone to watch as I ride your cock and make you come harder than you ever have in your entire life. That’s my real fantasy.”

Heat flares in his eyes and his lips crash down onto mine.

His kiss is savage.



A growl rips from his chest as he ends the kiss and moves off the bed. “Stay there. I’ll be back,” he orders before leaving the room.

It doesn’t take him long to return and when he does, he’s wearing a condom and watching me like he wants to eat me.

Moving on top of me between my legs, he places his hands on the bed either side of me. “Legs up in the air,” he orders, his gaze focused on mine. There’s a determined glint in Ashton’s eyes that sends a ripple of pleasure through me.

I place both hands on the bed and raise my legs right before he thrusts inside. He does this so hard that I slide up the bed.

“Fuck,” he roars as he pulls out.

I feel the same way.

Ashton is a man who knows what he’s doing. I’m not sure if it’s his confidence, or his bossiness or his skills that are turning me on more. All I know is that I can’t get enough. And I can’t get it as fast as I want it.

He slams into me again.


So fucking deep and hard that I feel like he’s going to slam right through me.

I shift my arms so that my hands lock around his neck. “Don’t stop,” I beg. “Fuck me so hard I can’t walk out of here.”

“Jesus, you’re perfecting that dirty talk,” he rasps as he fucks me.

“Well, I figured I have to. You seem to like it.”

He stares down at me as he pushes me closer and closer to another orgasm. His muscles flex as he holds his powerful body over mine, giving me what I asked for—the kind of sex a girl doesn’t recover from fast.

I tighten my hold around his neck when his pace picks up even more. He’s like a feral animal. His eyes glaze over and it’s like he’s staring right through me as he focuses solely on his goal.

Our bodies move in perfect rhythm together, until finally my orgasm tears through me.

Takes me high.

So high.

And then I’m gliding.

The pleasure wraps itself around me.

All I know is that bliss.

It shatters me.

I come completely apart in Ashton’s arms.

Time stands still.

When I eventually come to, he’s stopped moving, his cock still fills me, and his head has dropped to my shoulder.

I slide my hands across his shoulders and down his arms. Ashton has the biggest arms I’ve ever seen on a man and I take a moment to touch them. My mind is still righting itself after that orgasm just wiped all sense from me and I linger in this moment for a beat.

Just him and me.

It’s so quiet now.

He lifts his head and finds my gaze. I’m not sure what I see in his eyes, but he’s watching me with an expression I haven’t seen from him yet.

Catching my lips, he kisses me. “For the record, I do like your dirty talk. I’d planned hours of exploring your body before I fucked you again, but you pushed me over the edge faster than I thought you would.” He drops his gaze to my lips. “This mouth is full of surprises.”

I trail my fingers over his lips. “You like surprises?”

“No, I don’t, but it seems you have a way of challenging everything I know and turning it on its ass.”

I have no idea what he means by that, but I don’t have the energy for a deep conversation right now, so I simply smile up at him. “I like surprises. Just so you know.”

He pulls out of me and pushes himself off the bed. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he says before leaving the room.

I roll onto my side and wait for him to return. My entire body is worn out and sleep beckons, but I’m determined not to fall asleep.

I came here to spend the whole day with Ashton; there’s no way I’m spending any of it sleeping.


Chapter Twenty



Holding the phone against my ear, I watch Lorelei sleep. She passed out after I fucked her the second time and she hasn’t woken up since. That was a couple of hours ago. I’d been just about to wake her up when Jessica phoned me with an urgent issue I needed to take care. So I let her sleep.

“So you’re heading into the office now?” Jessica asks over the phone.

“Yes, I need to sort this out before it escalates.” It’s a million-dollar-at-least problem if I don’t fix it today so I have no other choice.

“Is Lorelei pissed?”

“I doubt it.”

“You haven’t told her you’re leaving yet?”

“I haven’t spoken to her for a couple of hours.”

“Fuck,” she mutters. “You wore her out, didn’t you?”

“You could say that.”

“I am so jealous of you right now.”


“Nuh, uh… stop talking. I haven’t been laid in weeks so you need to shut the hell up about your sex life.”

“You were the one who brought it up.” Lorelei stirs, blinking up at me. “I have to go, Jessica. Can you email me the information I need for when I get back to the office?”

“Will do. And just to keep you in the loop, Jack’s spent most of the day in your gym. I have no idea what he’s doing down there, but at least he’s not drinking.”

We end the call and I take a seat on the edge of the bed.

Lorelei frowns. “Why are you dressed? And how long did I sleep for?”

Fuck, she’s beautiful when she’s just woken up.

“You slept for a couple of hours.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I’ve had some problems at work to take care of while you slept.”

“And now you have to go into work?”

I wait for her to complain, but she doesn’t. Instead, she surprises me once more by not giving me hell about it. She’s so unlike the women I’ve dated in the past who took issue with the number of hours I chose to work.

I nod. “Yes.”

She sits up and her arms circle my neck. A sexy smile spreads across her face. “I think you should leave your toys behind so I can play with them. We didn’t get to test any of them out.”

“They’re not mine; I bought them for you.” I steal a hungry kiss from her before adding. “I’ll call you later for an update.”

“An update on what I tried out?”

“No, an update on how wet you are.”

I stand before I lose the shred of control I have left. Lorelei has me so damn hard for her that I’m concerned I’ll fuck up the business deal I need to fix. This is new territory for me and it’s territory I don’t want to be in.

However, as much as I don’t want to be in this predicament, the only thought on my mind as I exit the hotel room is how soon I can have her under me again.




My thoughts drift to Lorelei as I listen to my sister later that night. It’s been a few hours since I’ve spoken to her. She was on her way out to dinner with a friend after leaving the hotel and promised to call me when she got home.

“Ashton, are you even listening to me?”

I turn my attention back to Alessandra and take a swig of my scotch. “What was the outcome of the session?” She’s just arrived back to collect the kids after the counselling session with Malcolm. I’m a little surprised he isn’t here with her.

She exhales a long breath. “Well, we ended up having another huge fight afterwards and he told me to get in my car and pick up the kids while he calmed down.”

“Did the session go okay, though?”

“It was bloody awful. I hated every fucking minute of it. And I think he did too.”

I lean forward and rest my elbows on my thighs. “I imagine that’s how this is going to go for awhile, Aly. At least while you two get all the shit out into the open.”

“I know! And it’s why I didn’t want to do it. What if he decides he hates me and can’t live with me?”

“How could anyone decide that, Alessandra?” Jack asks as he enters the living room and sits next to me on the sofa.

Aly rolls her eyes. “You only say that because you’ve had a crush on me your whole life, Jack. This is my husband we’re talking about. The man who shares a house with me and puts up with all my shit. There’s no rose-coloured glasses there.”

Jack chuckles and I drink some more scotch. “It’s all true, I have had a crush on you for that long. Maybe if Malcolm leaves you, I could finally have a shot.”

My phone buzzes with a text message and I leave them to their conversation so I can check it.


Jessica: Your father is doing the rounds on Willow Street trying to buy up property.

Me: Where did you hear this?

Jessica: I just had drinks with your new real estate agent, Sian. It only took me three drinks and some sweet talk to get it out of her.

Me: Leave it with me.

Jessica: Oh I was planning to. I’ve got better things to do now. You’re not the only one who’s getting lucky today.


“Was that Lorelei?” Jack asks.

I glance at him before directing my attention to Alessandra. “No, it was Jessica who has informed me that Dad is trying to buy up properties on Willow Street. What do you know about this?”

She sighs. “God, Ashton, let it go. I keep telling you this. It’s not good for your mental health.”

My shoulders tense. “You knew about this?”

“I heard rumours, yes, but I haven’t spoken to him about it yet.”

I push up off the sofa. “Fuck, Aly. You knew I wanted to be kept up-to-date with this.”

She stands too and glares at me. “I did. And I also know that you should stay well clear of anything he’s got going on. You two are toxic when you get mixed up in shit.”

My phone rings and I stab at it without checking caller ID. Holding Alessandra’s gaze, I bark, “Yes?”

There’s a pause before Lorelei’s voice sounds. “Have I done something to piss you off?”

I rake my fingers through my hair. “No, I thought you were Jessica.”

“And you answer your phone like that to your assistant?” She sounds less than impressed with me.

“No. You caught me in a bad moment.”

“What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing. Are you home?”

“Ashton, it’s hardly nothing. You practically bit my head off just now.”

Forcing out a harsh breath, I say, “I just discovered something about my father that irritated me.”

“Oh, God, your father. He came to see me.”

I frown. “When?”

“Last week.”

“And you’re just telling me now?” I snap, instantly regretting it, but unable to stop myself. My father always brings out the worst in me.

“I didn’t realise it was that important. But if it’s that important to you to know, he offered me three million dollars for my property.”

I still. That amount is about a million more than it’s worth and in my experience, people don’t turn down money that comes that easily. “Are you going to accept his offer?”

She doesn’t reply.

“Lorelei,” I demand, “are you going to accept it?”

“You know what, Ashton? I’ll tell you what I told him. And what I told you when you wanted to buy it. Not everything is for sale.”

The line goes dead as she ends the call.

“Fuck,” I mutter as I stab at the phone to dial Jessica.

She answers almost straight away. “This better be important, Ashton. I was just about to go dow—”

“Find out everything you can from Sian tonight, and then first thing tomorrow, I want an estimate of how much each property on Willow Street is worth. And I want an appointment set up with my father.”

“Done. Now can you please leave me in pussy heaven?”

I end the call and throw my phone down on the coffee table.

Alessandra stares at me. “What are you doing?”

I stare back at her. “I’m buying up Willow Street. No fucking way is he getting his hands on that street.”

Her eyes widen. “Oh, God. This is not a battle you want to fight with him, Ashton.”

“This,” I stab in the air at her, “is not a fight he should have waged. He fucking knows what it means to me. I won’t allow him to have it.”

My phone buzzes with another text and I snatch it up off the coffee table.


Lorelei: I think we made a mistake. I’m going to send these toys back to you.


I exit the living room as I phone her, wanting privacy for this call.

“Ashton, I don’t want—”

“Lorelei, you want me. You can’t deny it.”

“I might want your body, but I forgot that I don’t like the way you do business. And that’s a huge part of you, so I think we should just stop this now before it goes any further. We’re just too different to be able to make anything work between us.”

“Bullshit. You told me last night you weren’t ready for me and I knew what that meant, but I also know that you just need some time. And now you’re using this as an excuse to pull away.”

“That’s not true.”

“Yes, it is. And I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Well, you’re just going to have to for once in your life, because I’m not saying yes to you.”

“I’m coming over.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I’ll see you in twenty.” I end the call before she can argue with me anymore and stalk back into the living room.

“I have to head out. Are you good to get the kids into the car?” I ask Alessandra.

“You go,” Jack says. “I’ll make sure Aly’s okay.”


As I’m leaving, Alessandra yells out, “I’m calling you tomorrow morning to try and talk some sense into you.”

I ignore her, my thoughts completely on Lorelei.

There’s no way I’m letting her walk away from this. As much as she thinks she can say no, it’s not a word anyone ever says to me.




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